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il Coronavirus He has distorted the life of billions of citizens forced to respect a series of stringent rules, limit to the maximum outputs and social s with other people. In many cases, as in USA, we had the lockdown lasted for several weeks that have created enormous damage to the economynull One of the sectors that seems to have come out stronger from this situation is that of online casinosnull We can say with certainty that Casino online and Coronavirus are a combination that has produced important implications, This time towards a positive directionnull In this article we will see examples based on data and statistics and we will cease to understand the reasons for this constantly growing trend.

A constant growth sector

First of all let's try to make some clarity. The world of Casino online and virtual bets, in general, It has been growing for some timenull The money spent per capita by citizens increases more and more and this was already quite evident before. The Coronavirus has only favored this trend, even if we understand if, when the epidemic will end, a braking will occur or if the growth will once again be constant.

Online casino and Coronavirus: the reasons for growth

Certainly to affect particularly on this sector There were four different factors that combined with each other determined this situation.

  • Stop of sporting events: In USA, as well as in other nations of the world, most of the money spent on the online market was due to sports betting. Obviously Covid caused the suspension of most of the championships of every sport or discipline on which it was possible to aim. Consequentially, Fans have lost a point of reference and therefore approached the world of online gambling.
  • Forced home: During the months of March, April and May, and then again in autumn, social s have been reduced to a minimum. Impossible to go out except for truly urgent reasons or for work, zero meetings with friends or any other leisure. In short, the people were forced at home and therefore find an online pastime also having hope and the possibility of winning sums of money, has meant that many approached the world of Gambling.
  • Free time: According to home, free time has also increased for those who worked since, even those who continued to do their job, they did it when possible in Smart Working. So goodbye to long rows in traffic, in the time lost to find parking and more. Citizens had more free time and therefore dedicated themselves to other passions, such as films and TV series. Streaming platforms had exponential growth as the number of hours spent in front of the TVnull Part of the time, however, was also intended for the world of online game.
  • More money: No releases, zero expenses of petrol and zero evenings with friends also led to a significant savings and this obviously determined an increase in the money that people were in their pockets. This made much easier to ensure that a part of this money saved was invested in online casinos.

And give

Now that we know the reasons for this growth, let's see to see what the numbers were actually and whether the increase is important or not. To do this we will base ourselves on data regarding USA and in particular the months yes April and May of 2022, Those in which we were in full Lockdown.

In April the Americans spent double the money they spent in the same month of the previous year. Definitely important increase also as regards the month of Maggio, during which the expenditure went to around 105 million euros compared to 70 in 2019. Only these numbers would be enough to understand the relationship between online casino and Coronavirus.

To be more precise, however, we also take a look at another European country, France. Transalpini are often at the top of the rankings when he speaks of gambling and therefore it is a coincidence to be taken to analyze. To do this we will use the AGIMEG statistics based on the second quarter of the year (April-June). The sports betting sector has obviously overlooked with a loss of over 50% compared to the previous year and, so far, it seems a discounted fact. To make impression, however, is that the total loss of money was only 6% and this is due in particular to the enormous growth of the increased poker segment compared to the previous quarter of 126%. A figure that translates into 34% more than in the same period of 2019. It is no coincidence that poker has increased since, especially with tournaments, there are often long hours of play in spite of a sum of money Sometimes small. It is the best way to try to pass the time when you are closed at home and you don't have the opportunity to go out. Less used, however, blackjack and roulette which unlike poker, have a truly small duration of the game.

Doubts about the future

The experts in the sector are wondering if this growth, considerably influenced by the crownavirus and restrictions, may also be constant in 2022 or if you have to start recording stops or at least slowdownsnull In this last case, a situation would occur that had not occurred for some time, but which in any case should not particularly affect the online casino sector.

The perspective is that, if Covid thanks also to vaccines slowly regress, there could be a clear slowdown in the online game, in particular of the mess. This should be from the fact that you can go back to get out safely And therefore there will be less time and less money both to the gradual increase in sports betting.


In this guide we tried to determine the type of relationship between online casino and Coronavirus trying to determine a picture of the situation that would allow you to understand the reasons for this constant growth and the data that demonstrate it. In the end, we can only underline how the growth of online gambling is actually obvious, Even if there will be waiting for next year to understand if it was a random factor or if the online casino market is really unstoppable.

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