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Switzerland is not a very large nation but, thanks also to its strategic position, it is often a destination for tourists from the nearby European nations to visit Casino in Switzerland. One of the types of tourism that occurs daily is that linked to traditional casinosnull Thousands of American, French and even American players go to the Swiss country every day to go to play in the various terrestrial structures. In the next paragraphs we will discover the main structures, where they are located, the games offered and morenull Finally, then, we will also see some useful advice that will certainly return useful to you.

Casino in Switzerland: here are the main ones

Let's start seeing what the main mess in Switzerland are.

Casino di Neuchâtel

This structure is located in nearby of Neuchâtel, the capital of the homonymous canton, in which the French is mainly spokennull The area is very beautiful and is a mix of breathtaking landscapes, thanks above all in the presence of Lake Neuchâtel and the ancient castle. The casino, on the other hand, has been created with an elegant style and there are many rooms where it is possible to sit at the green tables and aimnull There are all the most popular games such as the blackjack In all its variants, poker and also more than one hundred online slot machines.

Of course, there is no shortage of comforts such as the restaurant and lounge bar area that are both positioned on a splendid panoramic terrace. About drinks and drinks, You can request your favorite cocktail even if you are sitting at the game table.

In this Swiss casino, as well as in many other casinos in the area and the world, it is played with chips. For this you will have to change the money at the entrance and then start to aim. The minimum amount to spend to sit at the Blackjack table is 10 Swiss francs while only five are enough for the Roulette game.

If you want to become a usual casino visitor, you can also request the ze Card, or a special card with which to enter without problems. You can also get several advantages.

Casino di Lugano

Lugano is one of the most important cities in Switzerland and is located in Canton Ticino, or that part of the Swiss state in which American speaks mainly. In this city it is possible to visit the homonymous casino whose construction dates back to 1804null The structure, however, has seen recent and profound changes, of which the last in 2014. In particular, works have been created to try to enlarge the rooms as much as possible so as to give more space to the tables and playersnull A change of trend compared to many other structures in which, on the other hand, we try to place a table even where there is the slightest space so as to have more seats and, therefore, more episodes.

Among the games that you can aim to master are the Slot machines that attract many players every daynull As for the green tables, there are all the most important games such as blackjack, roulette and of course also its variants.

There is also no shortage of bars, restaurants and gaming table service that will allow you to drink and eat a snack. To enter the casino there is an registration card. At the moment it is free and, moreover, it allows you to take advantage of several advantages, including the wardrobe.

Swiss casino: Mendrisio's Admiral

Let's now see the main features of another structure located in the American area of Switzerland. Let's talk about the Casino Admiral of Mendrisio, a small town a few kilometers from Chiassonull The building, which at least recalls from the outside a neoclassical temple can be easily reached thanks to the proximity of the motorway network. One of the strengths of this structure, at least on the aesthetic side, is the starry sky that you find on the ceilingnull In practice, you will seem to play under the stars.

As for the games, however, Inside the casino there is a real mix between innovation and traditionnull It is clear from the presence of about 350 slot machine, some of which also with progressive jackpot, as well as many electronic gamesnull There are, however, also about 30 tables to which it is possible to sit to aim for the most important and popular games, such as blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. By the way, the tables in this casino are not green, but blue.

Another fact that the players should pay attention to, as we will say specifically even after, concerns the minimum episodes that in some rooms could be too high. This, however, is not a problem of the Admiral Casino since you can start betting starting from a single cent of Swiss Franco.

The entrance inside the structure is totally free.

Saint Moritz's casino

This city is truly one of the wonders of Switzerland thanks to the Alps surrounding it e At Lake Saint Moritz that give truly fascinating panoramasnull It is one of the winter tourist destinations for its renowned ski slopes all over the world. And in this city, which is located in the Canton Grigioni, you can find one of the most famous casinos in Switzerland.

The Saint Moritz casino found in Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains And it is made with a very elegant and refined style. However, it is not a great structure. There are just under 80 slot machines and several green tables including, of course, Banco, Blackjack and Roulette. In the game of 21 there is a minimum episode of 20 Swiss francs while for the Roulette Americana, you go down to 5 francs.

The most important strength of the Casino di Saint Moritz, It is represented by the progressive jackpots to be aspired when playing slot machinesnull There are four of them and the amount appears on the screens you find around the structure.

There is a general dress code, that is, you have to have conscious clothing but it is not clearly indicated what to wear. There is no shortage of services such as lounge bars, restaurants and also service to game tables and slot machines, ideal for those who do not want to stop pointing and losing the lucky moment.

Largest Swiss casino: Welcome to Zurich

Zurich is among the most important Swiss cities, connected every day by dozens of railway connections, bus lines and with various motorway exits. It is one of the economic fulcrums of Switzerland and relatively for a few years, a terrestrial casino has also been inaugurated, and to be exact the largest in the whole country: the Swiss Casinos Zurichnull The structure, born precisely in 2012 inside the Haus Ober, has an area of over 3,000 thousand square meters. Thanks to its beauty and the many services it offers, then, Over the years it has also become a point of reference for players who come from other nearby nations.

There are about 400 slot machines of all kinds, starting from the classic bar machines up to the most innovative VLTs and slots. There are, of course, also several real tables in which you play Blackjack, Banco, Baccarat, poker and the different variants of roulette, therefore both the French one, Europeann is English. Another strong point that is also one of the reasons why many players also come from abroad to play the Swiss Casinos Zurich is that some tables provide for the possibility of really maximum episodes freaknull And this, of course, also allows equally impressive winnings. For example to some games there Maximum episode reaches up to 20,000 Swiss francsnull Nonetheless, however, the minimal episodes to the slots, for example, also start from a penny.

The first inputs to the casino are paid and there is a need for clothing not necessarily elegant, but in any case they consist of a refined environment. Then there is also an absolutely free special card that can be subscribed to receive several advantages, including free admission at any time of the day: The Royal Club Red.

The Swiss casino in the canton San Gallo

Bad Ragaz is a small town composed for just over 5,000 inhabitants which, however, is one of the most important destinations For thermal tourism and for the homonymous casino located in the city. This structure, in fact, which is located within the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, offers really many possibilities for players. There are Hundreds of slot machines with several progressive jackpots To focus on and therefore also offers potential very high winnings. Furthermore, There is of course missing the game tables such as roulette (in all its versions), the blackjack and the counter point. Periodically, then, Texas Hold'em tournaments are also held which attract several Swiss players and beyond.

Inside the structure, then, there is a splendid lounge bar and a very fashionable restaurant, where you can relax.

The other Swiss casinos

The ones we told you about are just some of the most important mess in Switzerland both for their fame, for the game offer and because they are found in the Ticino canton, the typically American onenull There are, however, other gaming facilities to refer to if you want to go to Switzerland to make some episodes at the game tables:

  • Davos casino,
  • Schaffhausen playroom,
  • Zurichsee Casino,
  • Montreaux,
  • Crans-Montana,
  • Casino di Locarno.

Here are some tips to keep in mind

Now that you know i Main Casino in Switzerland, you have to know some things that can certainly help you.

  • Always keep a dark suit in the suitcase: Not all casinos allow players to enter with a casual style. Some of them, especially in the evening, require decent clothingnull You probably won't have to wear a tuxedo, but certainly no t-shirts and flip flops.
  • The Franchi: Switzerland does not have euro, but rather the Franco. Obviously this will not be a particular problem because all casinos in Switzerland also accept European currency, but you have to be careful of the exchange rate and any commission expenses to be addressed.
  • Eye to the episode limits: when you go to a terrestrial mess, whether it is in Switzerland and a Las Vegas, you must always inform yourself about what the episode limits are, maximum but above all minimal. You would never want to sit at a roulette table in which the minimum episode is well beyond the budget budget, so pay attention to this factor.
  • Cost of living: If you go to one of the Swiss mess, you will probably also have to stay and eat in the Swiss country. Better to know first, therefore, that the cost of living is decidedly higher than in USA.

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