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To the delight of fans and players, The casino in San Marino reopenednull Structure Titan Games, indeed, he received the green light at the beginning of May to be able to reopen to the public Both the room dedicated to slot machines and those reserved for virtual game tables. One of the characteristics of this structure, in fact, which concerns board and card games such as Blackjack and the roulette, It is that there are no real tables such as in traditional American casino or Las Vegas.

Instead, there are virtual gaming tables to which, however, more people can sit at the same time.

Obviously the casino in San Marino had to face a series of changes and provide for rigid rulesnull This To prevent the games and the structure from becoming a source of contagion of Coronavirusnull In the next paragraphs we will see almost the measures adopted.

Rename Casino di San Marino

The announcement on the reopening of the casino in San Marino had already been given a few weeks ago. The most skeptical, however, feared that something would change in the last few days. In reality, the COVID epidemiology curve in strong descent, allowed the San Marino casino to reopen after months of inactivity.

The success was absolute and many players also came from USA. The Casino in San Marino is, in fact, a few kilometers from many important American cities.

The rigid rules to be respected

Obviously, as could be imagined, we did not return to the pre-covid periods and the structure, to have the permission to reopen, He had to establish a rigid protocol together with the Sammarinese government.

  • First of all, Access to the casino in San Marino is allowed only after measuring body temperature with a special meternull The guests, then, are invited to sanitize their hands at the entrance and also during their stay in the premises by the Titan Games Casino. In fact, several sanitizing gel dispensers have been positioned within anyone who wants to use it.
  • It is also mandatory to wear the mask for the entire period of stay inside the game room. It can only be removed from the restaurant.
  • The entrances of the players, then, are contingent, or if there is already the number of people maximum within the structure, It will be necessary to wait before someone comes out and then it will be possible to enter.
  • Compared to first, then, it is no longer possible to smoke in the game rooms. It is possible to do it only at the restaurant.
  • It is also forbidden to drink or eat in the structure, except for obviously in the restaurant. This is because it presupposes that the mask must be removed and to avoid any type of danger, it has been completely prohibited.

The slot machines and the plexiglas panel at the casino in San Marino

To note, then, the measures adopted by the Casino games room in San Marino for the slot machinenull In practice, between one machine and another, plexiglas panels have been positioned that separate the players. Not being able to ensure that guests were more than a meter of distance between them, the managers adopted this method, already used in some American theaters and television studios. Distance to be respected, however, when you sit at the game tables.

The prospects and USA

The insiders, therefore, studied everything in the smallest details and the casino in San Marino aims to do everything possible to remain open as much as possiblenull Obviously, the San Marino casino reopened, the players wonder when it will be possible to return to play in American casinos, now closed for some time e more and more difficultynull Many professionals and politicians are now asking for American gaming halls to reopen safely, Maybe by proposing the model we have just seen in the casino in San Marino.

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