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Unfortunately, bad news of traditional American casinos continue to arrive, who will have to remain closed at least until next March 5, as required by the last DPCM of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Contenull A decision that were although in the air the various American casinos hoped to be able to avoid with a series of measures introduced to avoid the overhanging within the structure and the distancing of players at green tables. In the last decree launched by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in fact, we read: "The activities of arcades, betting rooms, bingo and casino salt are suspended, even if carried out inside rooms used for different activities". This is a situation that has continued for several months, except in the summer during which viruses and fears seemed to be disappeared or almost.

Obviously also the San Remo casino will have to remain closed, despite the various attempts put in place in recent times by some political forces. In the Chamber, both the League and Forza Italia asked that the Sanremo casino could reopen quickly. Although, this agenda has been accepted, there are no guarantees that can reopen in the coming weeks. And not however before next March 5thnull Among other things between 2 and 6 March the famous should be carried out Sanremo Festival which usually brings many visitors. And also by virtue of this great event it was hoped that the government could reopen the Sanremo casino. Among other things, precisely regarding this great event, it was thought to be able to postpone it, at least until the situation had returned to having a semblance of normality. However, this idea did not like organizers and presenters, who strongly wanted to do it during the usual period.

The structure is currently trying to make ends meet thanks to online casino Of which it has endowed in recent years, even if in this area the competition is really high and reaching certain levels, it is really difficult.

The criticisms of the mayor

This decision has not been accepted in the willingly even by the mayor of Sanremo, Alberto Biancheri, who defined the closure until March 5 a profoundly deleterious perspective. It must be considered that the casino di will be is totally managed by the Municipality and that represents practically one of the major companies in the city and that more work brings. That's why the mayor is quite worried: "With great difficulties we managed to contain the damage of the repeated closures during 2022, while closing the budgets with serious built -in losses. But we are really at the limit”.

The mayor Bianci already in recent weeks had advanced an application for reopening to the Region and the Government, only to have to deal with the decision of the state to reject it.

Sapar against Biancheri

The words of the mayor of Sanremo did not go down to Domenico distant, president of Sapar, the national association of "services for public recreational attractions", which also includes casino. Here is the hard response of distant: "The declaration of the mayor of Sanremo simply highlights a conflict of interest, his and its common owner of the casinonull We are pleased that they managed to contain the damage. The medium and medium -sized enterprises of Sanremo and the workers who are not lucky enough to be its municipal employees can safely continue to despair? This indifference is simply shameful”.

Why are casinos considered safe places?

Obviously the parties on the field are doing everything to convince government and authority to allow the game in traditional casinos, believing that it is safe places. But why? Traditional casinos, including Sanremo, American champion and the structures of Venice They have adequate their rooms for several months to allow players to be able to spend time at the tables in peacenull In addition to the thermo scanner at the entrance, capable of controlling several people at the same time, Plexiglass panels have settled among the various people sitting at the table or among those who are playing slot machinesnull All people then have to wear the mask compulsorily and around the rooms there are various distributors of the hands disinfectant gel. In short, an excellent organization that however has undergone compulsory closure despite the various efforts put in place.


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