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On February 21, 2022 it is a date that, at least in USA, will forget a fewnull Midnight had just passed, on Thursday he was finished and the weekend had started during which he would have fun taking a break from work. Maybe someone would have gone to his terrestrial casino preferred or would have focused on some sporting event. The reality, however, is that that day everyone will remember him because the first case of Coronavirus in USA has been reported. A virus that he felt he was talking about but that he was in China, nobody thought that he would travele thousands of kilometers and would come from us. From that day the life of many has changed. The closings of schools, shops and also the closure of games and casinos have also arrived in succession.

From that February 21, a year of closing has passed, or at least of many months in which the shutters have lowered themselves in front of only a few weeks, in particular.

In this article we will retrace, through the various decrees and i DPCM, a year of closure for terrestrial betting centers and casinos.

What happened in a year of closing

The first decree law

On February 23, the Conte government decides to create the red areas, that is, a dozen city where the first cases had been co -boiled. Obviously you also have the closure of games and "All commercial activities, excluding commercial establishments for the purchase of basic necessitiesnull This was the first act to which they will then begin to follow dozens of DPCM, now entered the common jargon, at a distance even a few hours from each other.

March 8: the game rooms are appointed for the first time

With the Legislative Decree of 8 March in Lombardy and in different provinces of Emilian, Veneto and Piedmontese, the suspension of various playful and entertainment active ingredients is decided including the closure of games, betting centers, bingo salt and assimilated rooms.

The Lockdown that revolutionizes the lives of millions of Americans

With the DPCM of 9 March, the President Conte, in a heartfelt live television message to unified networks announces the National Lockdown With the slogan "I stay at home". Consequently, the stop to the casino and gambling hall sector is also extended throughout the American territorynull To allow these measures they had a short duration, usually 15 days, but which are prolonged from time to time.

No sport

In addition to the extension of the closure of the games and other non -essential activities, there is also the suspension of all sports activities both in public and private places. Then stop the football championships, basketball and all the other disciplinesnull Athletes cannot even train.

DPCM of May 17, 2022: a glimmer opens

The epidemiological curve starts continues to descend. There are still many cases per day but the dark moment seems to have passed. The hard lockdown is served and the activities can start opening, just as training can resume for athletes, always respecting the distance. It is however a first signal even if the competitive activities remain still as the closure continues games and casino closure.

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