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Macao, the region with special administration located south of China, and former Portuguese colony, Closes all casinos due to a new Lockdown followed a new wave of contagues from Covid.

It is not the first time that a Lockdown is carried out in Macao, but The last had been over 2 years ago when the virus had just started circulating.

This closure does not concern only casinos, and the only services they can operate are the essential ones.

But let's find out more about this closure in the next paragraphs written by our sector experts.

What is Macao?

For those who do not know the region that closes all casinos due to a new Lockdown, Macao is a former Portuguese colony located south of China in the vicinity of Hong Kong.

Since 1999 the colony has returned under Chinese control which, however, Thanks to the joint-portuguese declaration, it allows him to be almost completely autonomous until 2049.

Among the gamblers is one of the most famous destinations in the worldnull It is rich in famous resorts and casinos, which can be said are the driving activities of the local economy.

Why does Macao close casinos?

Macao closes the mess for Decision of the head of the executive of the region, I have Iang Sengnull The closure was announced by the office for the inspection and coordination of gambling.

The reason is that Covid-19 contagi are continuously increasing in the regionnull This Lockdown It started on 11 July and the deadline, scheduled for July 18, was however extended to a date to be destined.

Most residents have already received at least 2 doses of vaccine. In this geographical area, However, governments have decided to follow a strategy in which as soon as a outbreak is developed, however small, the activities are required to close.

Macao closes all casinos but also other activities

As mentioned, in the Macao region with the policy in force, called "Zero Covid", as soon as a outbreak is developed, all activities close. So, Macao He closes all casinos but also other business.

Indeed, The operations of all commercial companies and industrial premises will be temporarily stopped, including resorts and bars.

The only business that will be able to operate, and they will have to do it under tight controls, they are those that offer essential services. Among these are there Supermarkets, hospitals, airports and similar activities.

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