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Good news for the famous Hotel and Casino "The Palazzo" which, starting from 11 March, reopened the reservations all weeknull The decision on the reopening The Palazzo came simultaneously with the decision of the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak which reopened, albeit partially, the casino in Las Vegas.

The reopening The Palazzo Casino is, in fact, for now only for a percentage of people from 35 to 50%. However, it remains an excellent sign in view of an economic recovery in America and in the traditional casino sectornull Obviously this cannot fail to switch from Las Vegas and important structures such as The Palazzo.

In the last few days, then, other important structures have also reopened to a pinch of life on the Las Vegas Stripnull We are talking about the main road of casino and the maxi resorts on which we find the most beautiful structures in America and probably in the world.

The Palazzo: a complicated year

As with all the structures operating in the field of casinos and hotels, 2022 was a really complicated yearnull And in the same way also the first months of 2022.

The dark period began in March 2022 when the opening was prohibited from the casino to avoid the spread of the pandemic of COVID-19null A small turning point, as happened in other parts of the world, was had it in the early summer when there were first reopenings. Despite this, however, reservations were not very high, both due to the fear of a possible contagion and for the economic crisis resulting from the previous closures.

And that's why in July the rooms of the hotel The Palazzo Casino they were only available on the weekendnull This situation continued, then, for a few months until, due to the second wave, The Palazzo closed its doors completely at least until better times would have arrived. And fortunately, thanks also to the arrival of vaccines and the drop in the epidemiological curve, The reopening The Palazzo and of the other casinos is finally possiblenull The idea and above all the hope is that this is a reopening palace Casino definitive and that this nightmare can be put behind us.

New times for the casino

The reopening The Palazzo then arrives after a very particular period for the Sands Group, or the now former owner of the structure. At the beginning of January, in fact, the historic manager died Sheldon Adelson, One of the most influential men in all Las Vegas. Adelson was able to revolutionize the land casino sector. Instead of him, the new CEO Robert Goldstein arrived. The first task of him was that of deal with the financial situation and give a direction to the company's investments.

That's why both The Palace, both the resort to which it is connected, or the very famous The Venetian, have been sold to the company of investments Apollo Global Management for a figure equal to about 6.5 billion dollarsnull The deal also includes the Sands Expo of Las Vegas, another great intuition of Sheldon Adelson.

Here are the words of Goldstein: "Asia remains the backbone of this company and our developments in Macao and Singapore are at the center of our attentionnull There are also potential development opportunities at national level“. The Sands group, in fact, would be evaluating a series ID investment in the Casino sector in Texas.

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