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The situation that concerns terrestrial casinos in USA is still very difficult, forced to remain closed due to the Covid restrictions. Among these there is Even the Sanremo casino that aims to reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, he tries to recover useful money To cope with the very difficult economic situation to start paying the fixed costs of the structure. That's why a discussion was born on Casino Sanremo taxnull In the next paragraphs we will see in detail the request for refreshment taxes Casino Sanremo.

Restaurant Taxes Casino Sanremo

The Sanremo casino, via Alberto Bianchieri, Mayor of the Ligurian city and the President of the Board of Directors Spa Adriano Battistotti, They sent an application to the American Premier Draghi. Inside the document you shed light on the whole situation concerning the casino and a refreshment of the Casino Sanremo taxes is also asked.

In the letter, in fact, the situations and problems derived from the various periods of Lockdown is explained in detail that forced the casino to remain closed for entire months. Also, in the same document, we read: "And to date a refreshment of 150 thousand euros has been granted to the company, which the Revenue Agency is "in progress". So, at the moment, the Sanremo casino does not seem to have obtained any refreshment, and in any case the total amount would be around 150 thousand euros.

Mayor and President of the Board of Directors, however, are trying to get a refreshment on the Sanremo Casino tax paid previously.

The Municipality of Sanremo, in fact, has given up on several taxes that the city casino should have paid. A choice due by the fact that according to closed there were no collections and therefore it was practically impossible to request these sums of moneynull Last year, however, the game structure paid entirely more than half a million government concession fee and the entertainment tax of 2.36 million. And it is precisely on the middle of the million euros of the Casino Sanremo tax on which Snow White and Battistotti beatnull In practice, that refreshment is requested to ensure that the budget can have a small breath of air.

Reopen in order not to close

In addition to the Restaurant Taxes Casino Sanremo, then, a certain date is also required for the reopening of the structure. The situation, in fact, both for the Sanremo casino as well as for American structures, is worsening day after day. The risk is that the moment in which it will be definitively impossible to reopen, thus decreeing the failure of the structure. To push towards the reopening, the leaders of the structure are trying to field every useful action. Among these, for example, there is the strengthening of security measures to prevent contagion at the game tables.

In the meantime, to try to stay afloat, the company is eliminating any superfluous expenditurenull There has been the suspension of any type of investment deemed unnecessary and the renegotiation of the contracts of the supplies. In addition, all the rights due to the rent of the game equipment were suspended, namely the slot machinenull Finally, the company requested a loan from a banking institution for about 31 million euros in total.

Conclusion on Casino Sanremo Tax

Continue to follow our blog to stay updated on everything related to the sector of online casino But also traditional. During the next week, then, We will also continue to follow the events of the Ligurian structure And we will see if they will be able to re -teenage the Sanremo Casino Tax.

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