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An operation that, unless bad surprises, should end in mid -2022 for a total of 950 million euros. Let's talk about the acquisition by Gamenet Goup by Lottomatica Betting S.r.l. and Lottomatica Videolot Network S.p.A., leading company in the market regarding respectively sports betting operators e online casino And the game software, including obviously there are slot machines.

Lottomatica acquisition: who is Gamenet?

Gamenet, for those who do not know him, It is one of the American giants in the sector of betting and bar gamesnull It can count on almost 1,800 shops or corners betting scattered throughout the American territory, just under 500 online games, 66 properties of ownership and almost 40,000 appliances, including many slot machines. Dizzying numbers that make the importance of this society and the scope of the Lottomatic acquisition even more understand, which will make it even stronger.

Gamenet is part of Apollo Global Management, an American investment company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange Stock Exchange. He currently manages a heritage of over 300 billion dollars.

The group was born in 2016 with the acquisition of Intilot Holding and Services Spa, and the world of gaming and Betting has set itself as its objective. In 2018 his action of conquest in this sector continued with the acquisition of another online betting operator, or Goldbet. The result was a merger between Intilot and Goldbet in a single group that has maintained the name of the latter company. Despite this, however, there are still two different websites and platforms.

Lottomatica USA

Lattomatic He did, or at least part of the International Gaming Technology (IGT) group, a giant in the gaming sector active in over 100 countries around the world. Born in 1990, she began to increase her fame thanks to the services of instant and deferred lotteries (the scratch cards), the slots, video lottery, sports betting and, in recent years, also the world of bingo and gods casino games.

However, it can be said that Lottomatica was still an American brand, given that most IGT actions belong to the De Agostini group. IGT is listed on the bag at the New York Stock Exchange.

The economic details and the process

As already mentioned, the acquisition of Lottomatica provides an economic effort of 950 million euros, of which the first 725 must be welded at the time of the definitive closure of the operation, another 100 million by the end of 2022 and the last 125 by 30 September 2022.

The final closing should take place around mid -2021. Although the parties agree, this kind of operations provide a rigid supervision of the antitrust and the customs and monopolies agency, the American government body that manages the game at a distance and who must check that everything is done according to the rules. This operation would lead to the creation of a company with about 1,200 employees and the establishment of the largest American group in this market.

The first words of the AD of Gamenet Group on the Lottomatica acquisition

We are enthusiastic about this operation, which allows us to reach a clear leadership position in all segments of activity - online, sports betting, gaming machines - and to become one of the main actors at European level in this market": These are the first words of Guglielmo Angelozzi, CEO of Gamenet Group, who continues: "We have always been committed to providing our customers with excellent and safe consumption and experiencesnull Through this acquisition, the quality of the assets and people from Lottomatica will further strengthen the already extraordinary operational skills of the Gamenet group, its human capital and the brands wallet”.

The other great operation in progress

The acquisition of Lottomatica by Gamenet not the only great operation that is taking place in recent months. Also the English giant william hill Caesar Entertainment is about to be acquired by another large American company.

In this case The agreement is around almost three billion pounds and should be concluded in 2022, when the entities that are following the sale will establish that everything is done in the right way. From this fusion a group should be born that will count on William Hill's experience and fame in sports betting. But also in the solidity of Caesar, very active in the field of both traditional and online casinos.

Game growth

Lottomatic acquisition, as well as William Hill's, I am certainly not a coincidence in this very complex historical period and full of uncertaintiesnull By now the world of game is increasingly growing. Every year the sum of money played both in USA and in the world grows without showing flexions. To demonstrate the strength of this sector there was also the difficult period of Pandemia di Covid who lived from the beginning of March 2022. Over the past few months, in fact, despite most of the world economy has undergone a decisive flexion, The Gambling sector was among the only ones who continued and confirmed its growthnull Obviously not having people possibilities to leave the house because of the restrictions, they found several pastimes. One of the favorites were the online casino.

Conclusions on the Lottomatici acquisition

We finished this in -depth analysis on the Lottomatici acquisition. Now we are sure that now the situation of this dealer is clearer which, as seen, is preparing to become the strongest American groupnull Knowing this news will probably not help you get a greater number of winnings. Surely, however, it will make you a more prepared player and this is certainly an excellent start.

Knowing and understanding everything that happens in the world of online gambling will allow you to make certain decisions, like choosing a game platform instead of another because it gives you greater safety. And that's why our professional have decided to make this articles. As well as the complete guides on the various games and the Precise and reliable reviews of the various online casinos that you can find in circulation.

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