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Aspire closes contract with Russian National Lottery which had started at the end of 2022.

According to the company this decision It will have no effect on earnings and income of 2022, and therefore decided to split the contract with immediate effect.

Aspire says that his choice, unlike the other companies that have left Russia after the beginning of the Conflict with Ukraine, is given only by one different vision of the business with the operator and partner Sports Lotterias LLC.

The story between Aspire Global and the Russian national lottery

Aspire Global, who closes the contract with the Russian national lottery, He had an agreement with the Sports Lotterias operator LLC.

This contract was still signed a October 2022 And, at least so far, the partnership seemed to proceed in the best way.

Now, however, given the decision made, one wonders if Aspire is leaving the country Due to the government's decision to invade Ukrainenull Which, however, has already been denied by the company which subsequently motivated him the choice by saying that it is Just for a different business vision.

But Aspire is not the only company in the sector to leave Russia

In addition to Aspire Global who closes contract with Russian national lottery, lately We are seeing many companies to leave Russia because of the conflict recently started with them with Ukraine.

For example Leovegas blocked bets on Russian and Belarusian sports, Genius Sports Group has entirely suspended operations e Aristocrat suspended his games.

Then there is another company that has withdrawn from Russia with all its franchise, or Parimatch Technull Parimatch was Founded in 1994 in Ukraine dove, In the capital Kiev, he still has his main offices.

The future of Aspire Global

Aspire Global, who closes contract with Russian national lottery, recently has RIcevuto a purchase offer for his shares from Neogames of about 4 billion $.

The offer, as we had already explained in this article, provides that the half of the actions are purchased in cash and, the other half, in Neogames actions.

At the moment it would seem that Aspire's shareholders, who are the owners of 67% of the company shares, have decided to accept the proposalnull Which means that they therefore decided to receive the actions offered by Neogames.

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