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Was Bingo's game on Sisal renewed And, as our experts explain in this short article, it has both new categories of prizes and innovative game methods.

This is one big news for fans of the game, as the bingo has always remained more or less remained over the years.

Now, however, on the casino, site certified by ADM and we reviewed by us, the story changes and users can access a More modern bingo where you can also select the speaker item that you prefer.

What is Sisal?

Sisal, the American company that has renewed the Bingo game on its site, is one of the most famous operators in our country.

The company is Born in Milan in 1945 from the idea of Massimo della Pergola, Fabio Jegher and Geo Molo.

Over the years it has expanded vertically between sports betting, casino games and lotteries, until it becomes Sisal Groupnull In our country it is the society that now manages the superenalotto, but also the company that He invented and launched the famous win for life game.

The renewed Sisal bingo

The Bingo on the Sisal website, as we have already mentioned, was renewed and modernized thanks to new prizes and entertainment methods.

Now, every Thursday and Sunday, on in this game there are more different people during the day. Two on the 3 games of Thursday are guaranteed to $ 300, while one to $ 400null On Sunday, however, the games are 10, with the guaranteed prize pool for $ 100 in Bingo.

Also, on Sisal's Bingo, it is now also You can select the Speaker itemnull In fact, new dialects have been inserted such as the Milanese, the Neapolitan and the Romanesque, but moreover there is the possibility of hearing the Numbers called in combination with the images of the Neapolitan grimace.

Sisal's statements

On the new Bingo offered by Sisal he spoke on the Managing Director Gaming Machines & Online Casino della Company, Marco Blessed.

Marco said he was happy with the latest offers issued by Sisalnull These news, according to him, make one of the most famous traction games of our country more in line with users' requests, but above all even more modern.

And then added: “The news of Bingo have found the liking of our players since the first days And our will is to continue working on product innovation ".

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