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The troubled story that was taking place in the world of Gambling seems to have finally arrived at the terminus. Caesars complete acquisition William Hill after several weeks and after many shareholders had feared that everything could go to the airnull Like you We also told in the previous weeks, In fact, several groups that hold William Hill's actions had shown the their total opposition to this operation, trying to block it in every way. But let's proceed in order.

Caesars complete acquisition William Hill: the official

Last week the official news came with which it was confirmed that Caesars Entertainment, a real pillar in the sector of Las Vegas terrestrial casinosa and not only, had finally completed the acquisition of William Hillnull We are talking about one of the most important bookmakers in the world both for why among the first to be born both because over the years he has always offered an excellent service.

The operation ended according to the terms provided initially. In a nutshell, the offer of the American giant has been accepted of about 2.9 billion pounds (about 4 billion dollars). The English bookie, therefore, has given all its properties, both terrestrial and digital to Caesars Entertainmentnull The definitive acquisition, therefore, meant that William Hill retired from the market definitively and therefore the title of him is no longer purchasable. As mentioned also at the beginning, this financial operation was certainly not among the simplest given the various unexpected events that occurred over the weeks.

The main difficulties

The first news of an offer presented by Caesars against william hill, had already arrived at the beginning of September. Obviously, the English group had taken a few weeks to decide his future. It seemed that most of the shareholders had clear ideas and intended to sell to the American groupnull In the meantime, however, another proposal had also arrived on the table, this time advanced by the US private equity company Apollo Global Management.

And it is on the choice between one and the other offer that The main difficulties were bornnull This is because a series of funds holding William Hill's actions clearly criticized the decision, above all, considering that shareholders did not have the necessary information to make a decision and give a conscious votenull And that's why they turned to the authorities and the UK high court, asking for the suspension of the operation.

The official of the fact that Caesars completes William Hill came after came after The high court in the United Kingdom, after a series of analyzes, gave the green light.

In his sentence with which the green light is given to the operation, in fact, Judge Alistair Norris states that the documentation of the agreement contained "sufficient information" To allow the interested parties of William Hill to "be informed when making a decision on the question presented in the proposal".

The next steps of Caesars Entertainment

Certainly Caesars' first goal It is to achieve the greatest success in the American market, the one in which it aims morenull The US group, at the moment, can offer its sports betting services in 18 states. Caesars, however, has already made it known that it aims to be ready to accept sports betting in 20 jurisdictions by the end of this year. The American market, in fact, has been the center of attention by all the main bookmakers for some months nownull This is because, only for relatively little time, it was decided that the States could decide independently on the sports betting sector.

The situation is different as regards the non -American area of William Hill. Caesars, in fact, has already made it known that he is intended to Selling all the real and digital structures of William Hill who do not concern the US marketnull The group, in fact, wants to focus its perhaps only in this segment. Obviously, the first signs of appreciation have already arrived regarding various buyers.

Among these, for example, there are Apollo (who previously was interested in William Hill) and gambling operators already very strong in Europe such as 888 ed entain.

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