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Caesars and William Hill agreement latest news: it ended after several months of expectations e Some twistsome shots who had enormously slowed down the process. As we have previously written to you, however, the official has arrived and Caesars Entertainment has definitively acquired one of the most important and ancient bookmakers in England, William Hillnull The operation ended on the basis of almost 3 billion pounds (about 3.3 billion euros).

The operation, in fact, seemed to be about to crash, or slow down, when some funds holding the percentages of William Hill had advanced doubts about the acquisition. In practice, they believed that the American group had not been completely clear about its purchase offernull Consequently, the shareholders' vote was to be considered unreliable.

Now, however, a new front seems to open which will surely be very interesting to follow.

Caesars and William Hill agreement, latest news

As for this agreement Caesars and William Hill, in fact, It must be said that the American group engaged in the management of very important resorts and terrestrial casinos, was only interested in the American digital structure of william hillnull Consequently, he did not have and has no interest in holding the European part, which he therefore put on sale. A decidedly interesting novelty, given that, as mentioned, we are talking about one of the European historical bookmakers.

To confirm this decision was the CEO, Tom rid. The sale plan that concerns William Hill, obviously in the European part, will be active for the second quarter (then by June 2022). The expected process provides that the announcement of a buyer defined in a few months and in any case by the end of 2022. At that point, then, the American group hopes to be able to definitively conclude the deal within the first months of next year.

At the moment, however, there has not yet been talked about price even if, according to non -unofficial sources, the whole European base of William Hill It could be put on sale at a figure close to 2 billion euros.

As for potential buyers, it seems that there may be in the front row The Apollo Fund (who was already in the running for the total purchase of William Hill) and Entain. The latter is another important European Holding that already holds several certified betting and online casino sites.

Why sell William Hill?

Many, then, also wondered what was the reason that pushed Caesars to buy William Hill when he then immediately put most of the group back on sale. Caes of Caesars reiterated that there was never the idea of keeping European activity, and that from the beginning the strategy provided for this movenull Now, however, it will be the turn, of course to start a series of financial operations in America. The betting sector, in fact, has become a territory of important investments for a few months.

This is because the Supreme Court has established that federal states they are absolutely independent as regards the management of sports betting sector and above all legislationnull At that point, so each state started to open to the various dealers. And let's talk about one of the potentially larger and more important markets, so it is clear that to excel and beat competition.

During a public declaration, then, Reeg, clarified that the American group has no intention of managing a non -American companynull This is because he wants to focus only and exclusively on sectors on which he is able to make a difference. He wants to avoid wasting time and money in the European field, where objectively there is already a certain competition and very important active dealers for some time.

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