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2020, despite the fact that it was the year of Pandemia from Coronavirus, was certainly a good time for everything related to online. Among these there is also the Gambling sector which is one of those grown up in recent times. To demonstrate it, there are also several in -depth items on the December and November market shares, at least for the casino and slot sector. This time, however, thanks to the support of our experts in the sector and professional players, in addition to the data provided by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the only authorized body in USA to manage the game and release licenses, we will try to see in detail the overall growth. We will make comparisons compared to the past and in detail, taking a look at the various dealers operating in USAnull In short, we will try to carry out a complete analysis and we will also try to analyze the reasons for the trend of Casino 2022.

The data of the Casino 2022

The first step, Obviously it is to see what the data of this is taking into account the GGR, or the Gross Gaming Revenue, or the sum of money played by the Americans and used as a unit of measurement in this system and also in our analysis.

Online growing

All games have recorded a really important growth compared to previous years. In this article we will mainly deal with the sector reserved for casino e slot machinenull Just to give an example, however, it is enough to consider that in 2016 sports bets collected around 400 million euros in a year, which became 562 in 2017, 640 in 2018 and 725 in 2019. A quite linear and constant increase over time. In 2022 we passed to a billion euros, An absurd figure considering that it has grown by 30% in just 12 months and that for several weeks the sporting events have been interrupted.

We wanted to give you these data to start making you understand that the world of games and online bets has already been growing for several years.

Slot and casino online: what a boom

Casino games and slot machines during 2022 represented the main attractor of players and episodes, winning 49% of the money played online with over 1.2 billion euros. Sports betting, for example, stopped at 40%.

But how was the situation in last years? Let's find out together.

In 2016 casino and slot, and not poker who is part of a separate category, they had collected around 438 million eurosnull The following year, or 207 it had passed to 567 million, which became 710 in 2018. In 2019 the increase was 120 million to reach a total of 830 million euros. As we saw, however, in 2022 it reached 1.2 billion euros. We try to examine these data and see what emerges.

. Just note that between 2017 and 2017 there was a growth of 128 million euros. Between 2017 and 2018 it reached 133 million, between 2018 and 2019 the sector grew by 121 millionnull This demonstrates constancy. What happens between 2019 and 2022? That in just one year the market grows by almost 400 million eurosnull A figure certainly given by the continuous positive trend of online casinos but, the fact that in 2022 there was Coronavirus, cannot fail to be taken into consideration.

What are the reasons for this growth?

As we have just finished saying, it is useless to go around: Covid has certainly influenced this important growth. Indeed, more than influenced, it has probably accelerated growth and the reasons also seem clear enough. We speak, in fact of a year in which in USA, as well as in the rest of the world, there have been Several weeks of iron restrictions And who prevented citizens from being able to leave the house. This, of course, entailed that the Americans had more free time and even more money, since they could not spend it in various outputs and hobbies. This situation certainly encouraged the players to approach the world of online gaming halls and also spent something more than usualnull And considering that this situation continued practically all year round, it was easy to hypothesize an excellent result of this sector.

The suspension of several sporting events between March and May 2022 also meant that American bettors did not know what to focus on. That's why many have decided to try slots and casino games like roulette e blackjack.

Be careful, however, because even in 2022 the growth of money spent in casinos and slots was constant during all months. This, for example, It is a clear example of how many players have known the world of gambling during that period And then they decided to continue even when sporting events were started again and was allowed to leave the house.

The other reasons for the growth of Casino 2022

We repeat, Covid has certainly intensified and accelerated the growth of the online casino sector, but it is certainly not the only reason, given that the sector was already in a very strong positive trend over the last few years. What are the other reasons? Here are some in our opinion really important.

Growth of game platformsnull Until some dwarfs, the platforms on which the games were present were really very Spartan and sometimes difficult to use and not very intuitive. Over time, however, the sites of the various dealers have also become attractive and simple to use e This also favored the approach of people who did not have an excellent relationship with technology.

Mobile casino growthnull The mobile versions of the various online casinos certainly represent a fundamental aspect in the growth of the sector. The various players They were able to start pointing where and when they just wanted to have an internet connection, smartphone or tablet available. Nothing easier.

Games more and more attractivenull In addition to the platforms, the games have also become more aesthetically beautiful and the most popular games that have managed to conquer the various users were born. Just to give an example, those who were tired of the usual roulette were able to find a valid alternative in the mini-roulette.

Welcome bonusnull Another really fundamental point is the growth of welcome bonuses for new players. As the dismissed casinos in USA increased, the opportunities for players also increased to seize the Best welcome offersnull The casino, in fact, challenged each other to the sound of extra credit and free spin, obviously giving the players to choose the most suitable promotions for their game.

Let's find out about the Casino 2022 dealers

Let's now start another segment of our analysis on what was 2022 as regards the online gambling sector in USA and in this case of the various dealers. Obviously we will not be able to examine them all also because someone has managed to conquer only a very small percentage of American players. For this reason that we will focus on the first six of 2022, namely Pokerstars, Sisal, Lottomatica, Snai, 888 and Eurobetnull We will see in particular this year's data and also the comparison with respect to the previous two years, so as to understand their trend.


This dealer ranked first in Casino 2022, managing to conquer over 12.2% percent of the money spent by American players. Furthermore, it is the only one who obtained to exceed 10%. However, this is not a novelty, since pokerstars In 2018 it was still first even if with 9.6% of the American Gross Gaming Gaming. Ditto in 2019 even if his growth had already led him to exceed 10%. Certainly to help this site there is his absolute dominance in the world of poker, of which he has been the undisputed leader for several years.


Second position for Sisal, which stands at 8.5%. Good result for this dealer which slightly increases its percentage compared to previous years, given that in 2019 and 2018 he had obtained 8.1% and 8.2%. Obviously the percentage remains almost similar, but its income is still higher since the amount of money spent over the years has also increased.


Lattomatic He closes the podium with 7.6% of the money played, but there is a fairly important factor to be noted. Over the past few years, in fact, it is among the few online casino sites that records a decrease, even constant. Just note that in 2018 it was the second dealer after Pokerstars with 8.5% of GGR. In 2019 this percentage drops to 7.9% and then pursued in the decrease in 2022.


We are talking about a historical brand and certainly among the most important in USA, especially as regards the sports betting sector. For some years, however, Snai He also managed to impose himself with casino games and slots by gradually increasing the percentage of players and money played online. In 2018, in fact, Snai was 6.2%. The following year he reached 6.9% and then reached the current percentagenull It is a clear demonstration that casino and slot players also continue to prefer this brand for their online episodes.


In fifth place, 888 is placed with its 6.8% which also shows constant growth in this case at least in the last three years. Soldo two years ago, in fact, it was stopped at 5.6%, then climbing 6.4% in 2019 and growing a little more in 2022.


The Eurobet site, however, at least from a percentage point of view has always collected the same for three years. In 2018, in fact it was 6.7%, as well as in 2019. In 2022, however, it stood at 6.6%. So no leap forward for this site, which is certainly stronger in the online betting sector.

What will happen in 2022

We have seen how important growth has been during 2022, even in the last months of the year, and how much we expect from this sector. But is it possible to believe that the increase is still so important or will there be a physiological slowdown after the Boom of the Casino 2022? Experts who still do not know how to imagine the economic 2022 for dealers are not divided on this question.

There are those who believe that once the Covid danger returned, thanks also to vaccines, and therefore with a gradual return to normal, The casino sector also returns to slower growthnull On the contrary, however, there are those who think that given the trend of November and December 2022, in which the record of money collected has been had since there are online casinos, it is likely that in 2022 casino games and the Sloo machines will continue to attract more and more players and money.

Poker in Casino 2022

As mentioned also in the very first paragraphs, when we talk about these results of casino 2022 online We do not take into account the poker, which is understood, also given its particular success, in a different category. In this game, however, there is no really race, given that PokerStars, despite having lost some percentage point in recent years, is the absolute ruler. In 2022 he collected 58% of money players in tournaments. In second place is Snai with 7.4%.

Conclusion Tax Data Analysis Casino 2022

We have reached the end of this in -depth analysis on Casino 2022 and in particular on their tax result during this year. It must be said that a strong sector has emerged, continuously growing in recent years and with an important increase in 2022. The impact of the Covid was certainly important but has only accelerated its growth and is constant constant also in the near futurenull It is no coincidence that in recent years, even the great traditional casino brands that had some remora on the world of online, are ready to launch us in this sector, For example Sands.

We have also seen almost the main dealers who have imposed themselves in the collection of money and their trend during the 12 months of 2022. Obviously, we will continue our work on this area, grazes also to the attention of our pros. These, in fact, during the various months of 2022 trying to understand what the trend is and if this strong growth will be reconfirmed.

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