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The Casino de la Vallee, better also known as the Casino di Saint Vincent, It could be acquired shortly by a group of Lombard-Veneto entrepreneurs who would restore new life To one of the few American terrestrial houses remained open, after the closure of that of champion. The situation of the Casino della Val d'Aosta seems to have been complicated enough for some years. In 2018, in fact, it had been the start of the bankruptcy of the structure, except to be recovered in 2022. In the first months of 2022, then, the reopening is expected, without prejudice to the wait for the various rules due to the Covid pandemic.

The offer

At the moment the financial parameters of the offer are not yet known. It is known, however, that the Lombardo-Veneto group has a certain experience in investments in international funds and are ready to present to the Region, the Court of Aosta and the judicial commissioner, Ivano Pagliero, A proposal for the purchase of the properties and the various properties attached to the Casino de la Vallée in Saint-Vincentnull In addition to this, then there would be the will of a very long concession.

The councilor's response

Obviously from many sides the news was taken with a certain joy, also because the Casino de la Valle, in addition to giving hundreds of jobs between employees and induced, It is also a flywheel for tourism and economics of the neighboring citynull Of course, there are a series of rules to be respected and, also for this reason, the regional councilor with delegation to the investee companies, Luciano Cover He kept us clear things from the beginning. "You can deal with any serious and thoughtful initiative that looks at the relaunch of the mess, But I must remember that it is not possible to buy tout court the assets of the casino spa despite having enough money oD obtaining the granting of the management of the gambling house despite having the requirements: to put the company on the market and the properties it is necessary to composition a European call, So the participation of private individuals in the race. A preferential negotiation is not possible”.

History of the Casino de la Valle

The opening of this casino dates back to 1921, When the then mayor of Saint-Vincent Elie Page asked, and obtained, the opening of a roulette room for the summer monthsnull This will remain active until 1940, the year in which USA entered the war. At the end of the Second World War, then, again Elei Page, who returned to being mayor of San Vincent, requires and obtained again the opening of a game room. From that moment it has become a true and Just a point of reference for players from the entire northern area of USA and the widening tourists who go every year in that region.

In 2018, then, the professionalsecutor of Aosta He could not help but request the failure of the game room. At the basis of this request are the various economic problems due to insolvency, accumulated debts and closed credit lines. In practice, a situation that did not see any other possibility, even if in Last months of 2022 has been seen a glimmer and therefore the procedure was interrupted.

The situation of casino in USA

Unfortunately, in particular in this period, The situation of casino in USA is really complicatednull There are several structures in crisis. The unexpected arrival of Covid, in fact, has done nothing but accentuate this situation by spending several structures in a abyss.

The only room that seems to react, and above all reopen, in these weeks is the one located in the State of San Marino, which although not being an American territory, is still a stone's throw from Emilia Romagna and Umbria.

The increase in online game, then, did nothing but cause even greater problems to the terrestrial rooms that saw a descent day after day in the number of players and the money spent. Obviously, comfort has the best, especially when it comes to online casino. A choice that also made the same casino as Saint Vincent, focusing on an online platform authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, even if in USA it has not yet been able to get noticed compared to giants in the sector such as PokerStars, first in the last three years for the number of money played and Snai.

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