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Clarion Gaming ed ECA (European Casino Association) They launch a new program called Innovation Symposia.

The program provides for Meetings organized throughout Europe before the 2023 Oce of London, an event that this year had been moved due to the new Covid variants, as we explained in this article, and in which the new program was revealed.

But let's go see What the creators of the project have in mind in this article by our sector experts.

The Clarion Gaming and Eca project

Eca and Clarion Gaming, which together launch the new professionalject called Innovation Symosia, explained their motivations.

During and after the years of restrictions due to Covid, in fact, the online and terrestrial casino market has somehow negatively affected.

The project is that of Create online meetings with participants from all over Europe, followed later by a live meeting in June, in Belgium, and more precisely a Bruxelles.

The words of the leaders of Clarion and the European Casino Association

On Clarion Gaming and Eca project they spoke Stuart Hunter an by Jurl, respectively the General Manager of Clarion and the President of ECA.

For ECA, By Jaldung he said: "Industry has Need to reconstruct and re-energy in the fastest and efficient way possible”.

"Many members of the ACA participated in the Ice London 2022 and L event'Opinion is that we will draw enormous benefits from such an exercise., then added for.

And he concluded by saying on Clarion Gaming and Eca: “Keep a symposium on innovation in person in Brussels in June It is an exciting perspective. SI am pleased that we are able to collaborate with the Clarion team to make this initiative take off ".

Instead these were the words of the director of Clarion: “The feeling is that The European casino sector, represented by the echish and by the creators of industry games, would benefit from gathering in a series of symposia to plan how the casino sector can return stronger after Covid And what needs on the suppliers' side to make it happen. "

Who then concluded by talking about Clarion Gaming and Eca explaining: "The Ice 2023 was indicated as a pivotal event in the recovery calendar. The visions acquired by digital symposia and in person will help to determine how the future will be. We are pleased to carry on all this in collaboration with our colleagues of the ACA, who are great supporters of the Ice brand ".

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