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Was The agreement between Cristaltec and Inspired Entertainment has been signed for the acquisition of the VLT activities of the company that provides solutions for the game.

With this agreement The two companies are divided into the tasks of the management of activities, which will bring both economic and management benefits to both.

But let's see it more in detail in this article of our experts.

What are Cristaltec and Inspired Entertainment?

Cristaltec and Inspired Entertainment, the two companies that have just signed the agreement, both operate in USA as part of the video (VLT).

Cristaltec, a company with headquarters in Rome and various succursals divided on the national territory, is a Manufacturer of games and dealer authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency which operates both in the online and terrestrial world.

Inspired Entertainment, however, is a US Group founded in 2014 and also listed on Nasdaq. It is a games provider with over 50 thousand VLT distributed between betting agencies, shops, bars and other commercial activitiesnull He also deals with virtual sports and creates games, such as slot machines, for online casino.

The details of the agreement between Cristaltec and Inspired

The agreement just signed between Cristaltec and Inspired Entertainment sees the American company take over in the management of services related to video recordings of the American giant.

Now Cristaltec will have to deal with economic obligations relating to VLT and will have to carry out operational assistancenull The company also wants improve terminals Already in use in the various activities, both to increase revenues from machines, but also to reduce their operating costs.

The task of inspired Entertainment, however, will be that of provide games and services, will have to update the game platforms and carry out the assistance on them, as well as having to carry out the various maintenance.

By doing so, with this agreement, both inspired and Cristaltec will be able to have an economic profitnull And they will have it while reducing the commitments and management costs del business VLT.

The declarations on the agreement

The manager of the operations and president of Inspired Entertainment, Brooks Pierce, on the agreement with Cristaltec said that The company aims to better seize the opportunities that arise Now with the changes to the rules on the game and the evolution of the sector.

These are his words: "Through the collaboration with Cristaltec, we believe we can best seize the new opportunities deriving from regulatory changes and the evolution of the game sector in USA, in which We have always been strongly engaged thanks to our continuous presence in the virtual sports segment”.

The president of Cristaltec said he is convinced that this agreement between the two companies will bring big benefits to both companies and users.

With this partnership both companies can be dedicated to things in which they are more competent. Thus improve the offer of products and putting both Cristaltec and Inspired in one position benefited in the nearby evolution of the game market in USA.

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