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entain acquisisce unikrn Tech and invest in Esports. This is the latest novelty concerning the famous international company that operates in gambling and sports betting.

By acquiring UNIKN TECH, ENTAIN The team, the products and the platform will detect of the company, which is mainly focused on extreme sports.

What is UNIKN?

Entain acquires Unikrn Tech, who is aCompany founded in 2014 based on the island of Man in England. This society, Specialized in Esports And more precisely in extreme sports, on his website he has already warned his users of the agreement with Entain, but above all he is already informing customers that It will be active again in 2022.

While in, Unikrn is also informing the members of the platform to move the money from the gaming account to a personal account, this because, in fact, the platform will be temporarily closed and do not want their customers to lose funds.

On the UNIKN website, from today, you can read this:

“We will return in 2022!

Entain, one of the largest sports betting clubs and games in the world, has agreed to acquire Unikrn's game and betting activities. This means that UNIKN will soon have more services than ever! However, the Sale and renovation require that we cease operations while this transition takes place.

Entain acquires Unikrn: the statements

Although the agreement has not yet been completely detected, the company has already issued statements such as: “These, combined with ours ability, analysis, regulatory experience, protection of players and scale, provide a unique platform in the sector to face this exciting and growing market ".

Furthermore, Jette Nygaard-Andeon, the managing director of Entain, added: “Entain built one powerful platform that combines our leading technology of the sector, the people and the skills that is guiding significant growth in our existing markets, including the United States, but it also allows us to grow in new and emerging markets and the opportunities relating to our main areas of competence "

In Entain that acquires Unikrn, in addition to this, they expressed optimism towards the company's future by saying that exploiting opportunities who are presenting themselves, and focusing on the customer and expanding their acquisition methods, they see years of constant growth in front of them. These years of growth, moreover, They will benefit their stakeholders.

Conclusion of our Top-Us-Casino experts

According to our experts, as also supported by Entain who invests in Esports, This agreement will benefit the company and consequently all investors. Certainly, among other things, this agreement will allow ENTAIN that acquires Unikrn of Cover a slice of the market still from a few explored.

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