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il Giant Entain notes an increase in the use of responsible game systemsnull This is the good news that comes from the English group engaged in sports betting and casinos after the publication of the area ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) di Entain. In practice, in fact, it has been noticed that more and more players have used systems to play responsibly. Among the latter, for example, we find the weekly and monthly charging limit. The players who used these particular systems were 84% more than those of the previous year.

In fact, in the report, it was shown that Entain's responsible game found an increase of 29.9%, therefore 1.39 million in 2022 alonenull Obviously, the demonstration that Entain detects increase use of responsible game systems, also proves to be from another data. In practice, less and less players require support and help both from the appropriate pages created by Entain and in specific centers.

In addition, the Advanced Responsibility and Care (Arc) initiative confirmed these numbers.

The Endain professionalgress

Entain notes an increase use of responsible game systems, but over the past few months he has experienced several innovations, starting above all from the change of name but also of mentality and strategy, in addition to the change of CEOnull For a few weeks, in fact, Jette Nygaard-Andersen He took the reins of the English group. Note also the continuous investment towards the charity bodies that deals with responsible game. In fact, these welcome the players who have lost everything because of the dependence on the game and help them. The financing in 2022 was 9.7 million pounds, almost 170% more than in 2019.

Entain reveals that even the number of players who have chosen to self -lock themselves from the platforms, so as to be totally unable to play, it fell by over 50% and that is about 70 thousand users.

The number of cars excluded from customers decreased by 52.4% to 70.170.

The words of President McDowell on the fact that Entain detects increase use of responsible game systems

The President of the ESG commission, Virginia McDowell, expressed itself on the document in whose ENTAIN it detects increase use of responsible game systems. Here are her words: "From our latest report, Covid-19 has caused uncertainty, losses and challenges unprecedented to our communities and society in generalnull We were also inspired by hard work, resilience and professionalism shown by our colleagues in the face of a difficult operating environment. For customers, our safer game measures and bets have been adapted to respond to the change of players' behavior and risks in light of the pandemicnull We also continued to support our new and existing basic charity partners during this difficult period.

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