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In the first days of the year the idea was made known of a merger between Entain and MGM which would be able to the potential establishment of one of the most important giants in the world of online betting and gambling, both terrestrial and virtual.

entain, the English company leader in the sports betting sector, has recently changed its name since until a few weeks ago it is called GVC. The choice of a change of denomination was strongly desired by the administrators also by virtue of a new path that goes towards the sustainability and regulation of games.

GMG, on the other hand, is an American giant owner of some of the most important American casinos, including Grand Las Vegas and Bellagio (I would insert links to the other written article).

Fusion between Entain and MGM

At the moment what is clear is that MGM would be thinking of a merger offer, offering 0.6 actions for each ENTAIN actionnull In this way Etain would become 41% owner of all the properties of American society. The only news of this possible operation made the action value of the former GVC rang up even if, as mentioned, at the moment there is nothing officialnull MGM has time, however, until February 1, 2022 to present an offer or to officially say that it does not intend to do so.

The first confirmations

Certainly the first s were there and both parties on the field were confirmed. In reality, the first to speak publicly about this possible operation was Entainnull Immediately after, then, MGM also intervened clarifying that there were actually informal interviews, but that at the moment the presentation of a real offer is not certain. In any case, the American company has also added that it will no longer speak publicly about this operation, at least until there is nothing official.

I doubts of Endain

British society, struggling moreover with the search for a new CEO, after Shay Segev has chosen to become DAZN CEO, expressed some doubts. It is believed, in fact, that the offer underestimates the company and, above all, its prospects in the future And that there is a need for clarification regarding the strategy that is expected for the future.

MGM's answer

The MGM response did not be late, who kept us to underline that such an operation could only produce benefits to Entain, especially in some points of view. Here are what I am specifically:

Diversification: the first point analyzed by MGM provides for the possibility that Entain can first of all create a strong diversification of its offer and that this would only produce positive actuals for both society and shareholdersnull In this the growth of the group would be faster and would allow new and important investments.

Entry into the US market: a merger between Entain and MGM would allow the British to enter a truly important market like the US one especially through the American Betting platform, or Betmgmnull The latter, in turn, would draw advantages from the intervention of a leading company in this sector and would continue its already constant growth.

Become a leader online and in the land markets: an union between the two giants would guarantee the establishment of an almost perfect group that could beat the occurrence without too many problems both as regards the online casino is the world of Betting.

Barry Diller's doubts

It would be a Joint Venture of value of about 11 milestones of American dollars, equal to almost 9 billion eurosnull Interactive Operation, MGM's greater shareholder has already said he was available to finance this offer if everything should proceed in the right direction. Although IAC has already given its approval to the operation arrived by President Barry Diller the first non -comforting signals. In UN’Intervista Al Financial TimesIn fact, he said: "It would be fantastic if Mgm did it with Entain but that happens or not, I am skeptical, and if it does not happen, I am optimisticnull I am absolutely certain that we will be in a leadership position in any case”.


As mentioned, there will be a few more days to be waiting for that it is known if MGM has actually presented the offer and if this important financial operation goes through. To stay up to date, continue to follow Top-Us-Casinonull You will also find different guides and advice on everything related to the world of online gambling and bets.

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