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For a few weeks, a harsh debate on Gambling has been opened in the United Kingdom. The opportunity was the revisione del Gambling Act e the introduction of a series of rules aimed at limiting the game in England, especially the online onenull In recent weeks, however, another very important aspect has also emerged, on which the parts beat the parties who want to prevent the game and betting sector from being too penalized by the ongoing review. We are talking about the contribution, in terms of taxes and economic resources of gambling.

In the Ernst & Young report, in fact, commissioned by betting and gaming council (BGC), it is affirmed that the Gambling in the United Kingdom contributes £ 7.7 billion to the country's economynull This figure refers to the 2019 tax revenue. To this figure, then, the contribution of direct jobs must also be added, about 61,000, and indirect, or 58,000 jobs.

Also in the report, then, we read that the main contribution was from the market of online casino and bookmakers, with 3.8 billion pounds.

Comments on the Gambling contribution in the United Kingdom

The CEO of BGC Michael Dugher, took the leap ball by focusing on the importance of the sector for the entire British economy: "In a moment of economic fears and enormous pressure on public finances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, The enormous contribution that bets and the game give to the UK could not be more important“, Dugher explained that he also focused on the Gambling review in the United Kingdom. "The revision of the government of the Gambling Act in progress should keep in mind the impact of the sector on the economy. However, it is essential that the government correctly contributes to these changes and does nothing To put the future jobs and tax revenues of a British world leader growing in a growing worldwide.”.

Gambling's contribution in 2022

Although we started with the data that reported that the Gambling in the United Kingdom contributes £ 7.7 billion to the economy, relating to the year 2019, We must say that in 2022 the situation will surely be a general drop in the intake for the entire sectornull Obviously, this also means a minor tax revenue for the state coffers. Last year, in fact, traditional betting centers and casinos were forced to remain closed for entire months. The situation is different as regards online, a segment already in constant growth but that in 2022 beat every recordnull Tax revenues from the online, in fact, should increase by 7%, But in general the Gambling in the United Kingdom should reach a figure equal to 5.9 billion pounds.

Also noteworthy is the loss of several jobs. There is talk of at least 5,000 workers who remained without employment due to the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus epidemicnull The game, in fact, has moved mostly to the online and therefore many centers had to close their doors. The same crisis also lived by the terrestrial casinos who had to give up many people.

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