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GVC Holding, a leading company in the sector of entertainment and sports betting, He officially changed his name to Entainnull A choice that had been in the air for a few weeks, but which was officially implemented only a few days ago after the final approval by the shareholders. An important decision because, in addition to the simple change of denomination, it provides for a real revolution from the point of view of the strategy to be implemented in the coming yearsnull The fact that GVC becomes Entain could also affect the American market, given that it is the company that holds some major games of the game such as Bwin, Eurobet e Digital game.

In this study we will try to analyze the reasons behind this choice, and above all the next strategies for the future after GVC will become Entain.

Entain: growth and sustainability

One of the main objectives of Entain is certainly to be able to obtain all revenues from regulated markets. Currently the company derives 96% of its revenues from regulated markets, but aims to reach 99% by the end of 2022 and 100% by 2023null To succeed, among the fundamental points of its strategy there is to stop offering services in those markets where you play such as poker are not regulated according to clear laws. This was declared by the Stewart Collette Community Manager through a forum on Discord.


Among the key points of the new strategy that will follow Rebranding, then, there is safety. In a nutshell, first GVC Holding, then Entain, created and developed a program called Advanced Responsibility and Carenull The goal is to improve in every way the safety and protection of players who choose Entain platforms to play online. To do this, in addition to taking a team of specialists and talents in the sector, The company closed collaborations with Future Anthem e Mindway AI.

In short words, He wants to use the great amount of information and data on the players and their behavior during the game sessions in the best way, to ensure that everything takes place in maximum securitynull Among the first places in this strategy there is certainly the development of an algorithm based on behavioral, neuro-scientific and academic teachings. A mix of studies to try to limit to a minimum, or obviously eleMare completely, all the problems and damage caused by gambling in those players who risk falling into the vortex of ludopathy.

This is certainly a truly responsible attitude by a company that operates in the Betting and Gambling sector, e But it obviously wants to make money with his games, but avoid in any way that the players end up indebted to the necknull It is certainly an excellent way of seeing this sector, which is not limited to the responsible game banners only but which puts real innovations in the field.

These are the words during an interview by Rasmus Kjaergaard, Mindway CEO: "In the last two years GVC has been at the forefront of facing the problem of problem gambling and we are proud that they are experimenting with our gamalyze Autotest to provide their players with another tool to understand and maintain control of their game”.

The development of basic sports

The ENTAIN strategy also provides for the establishment of a foundation for charity that is folding, in particular, on basic and group sportsnull There is a commitment of over 110 million euros in the next five years. This money will serve to increase the growth of the main basic sports both in the UK, both in all regulated markets in which Entain, through the brands and companies he owns, work.

This idea also arises from the desire to give an effective contribution to sport, and not only to the professional one in which several million already turn, but to support those small realities instead. This applies, in fact, especially in such a particular moment as that of the Pandemia di Covid and a future that always seems too uncertain.

The new horizons

From a purely economic and growth point of view, then, the choice behind the fact that GVC becomes entain, also stems from the will both to strengthen the identity in those markets where the holding is already very strong, as in the USA, both to create a new one in those markets in which it is overlooking for the first time. The plan, also in this case, is quite clear and is based on four pillars:

  • Leadership in the United States: The first goal is to become the point of reference in the United States of America, both as regards the sports bets that casino. And to do it, Entain carried a joint venture with Mgm Resorts. In addition, it can already count a market share that is around 18%, through Betmgm. The birth of five new platforms available in as many American states is scheduled for the next few months. The legislation regarding the game, in fact, is more complex in the USA, and it is necessary to request it directly from the federal states, and not to the central government. Entain is hoped to double the covered population up to 75 million (12 states) by January 2022.
  • Grow in the main markets: Obviously Etain aims to strengthen the market share also in other countries where it is present. Among these, as previously mentioned, there is also USA with digital game, Bwin and Eurobetnull Given the continuous growth of this sector, in fact, a growth margin has been identified to which it can be aspired.
  • Enter new markets: ENTAIN, then, does not place any limit, and its future could also include new acquisitions and mergers to be able to enter with a certain force even in different markets that may provide for an expansion of the revenue. The plan is already underway, given that Entain has already obtained the license to operate in Colombia, the first American country where the new brand will appear. The same request that in the coming weeks will also be made in Canada, a nation very open to the game and at the top of the rankings as regards the per capita expenditure.
  • Expand to a new audience: one of the main points that aims for Entain is then the will not only to continue the development of new technologies, to create entertainment games, but to become the leader of these innovations. Thanks to the intake of several world talents, in fact, it aims at new creations capable of satisfying the increasingly demanding players. Among these are, for example, e-sports and digital game, who are reaching more and more people conquering enormous success.

The words of the CEO

Shay Segeve, CEO of the GVC company that will become Entain, is really enthusiastic about what you are trying to make Thanks to the support of the shareholders and above all of the players who choose the brands of this holding for their episodes. Here are the words of him at the end of the rebranding in Entain: "This moment marks an exciting new chapter for the group and an important step forward in achieving our ambition to be the world leader in sports betting and gamesnull Under our new corporate identity, we will continue to use our unique technological platform to exploit the exceptionally strong momentum that we have in our existing markets, grow in new markets, reach new public segments, improve the customer's experience and provide leading levels of the Player protection sector”.

The consequences

Obviously at the moment it is not known whether the desire to create a sustainable system and that above all aims at the protection of players is truly a step forward that can bring greater growth, both from the point of view of the number of players and the collections. Certainly from the point of view of the players, this dedication to safety, to avoid damage and problems of gambling and the development of basic sports, has achieved an excellent resultnull The reputation of the newborn Entain is certainly very high and in the coming months it could grow even more.

On the other hand it is quite easy to see i online casino And the sites in which you bet as a sort of society that only want to earn as much money as possible, without having a lot of consideration of the players. Instead find a company that focuses on sustainability avoiding being present in unregulated markets, So losing money, and focusing only on the real and reliable game, it is certainly a good sign to the whole sector.

And it could also act as a flywheel towards other companies, and this would really be the beginning of a revolution.


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