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The New CEO of Casinos Austria And it was chosen Erwin van Lambaart.

Van Lambaart è administrator of Holland Casino who is one of the first 10 authorized operators in the Netherlandsnull He will leave the role of him in first quarter 2022 To take his new position with Casinos Austria.

Who is the new CEO Casinos Austria?

Erwin Van Lambart, who is the new CEO Casinos Austria, will become part of the Board of Directors on March 14thnull However, she will take her official position only after Bettina Glatz-Kremsner will come out of the company, namely theApril 1st.

The now former CEO said that Leave the company in the best possible hands after more than 30 years, and now he will commit himself to ensure a handover passage.

Erwin was driving Holland Casino starting from 2016 and He helped the company in its online expansion from October 2022null Before Holland Casino he also worked at the level radio and television and managed aEvent organizational activities.


The recruitment process of the new CEO Casinos Austria has seen various candidates taken into consideration. Erwin Van Lambart was, But, the only one to be supported unanimously by the Board of Directors.

The statements on Erwin Van Lambart new CEO Casinos Austria

Erwin Van Lambart, the new CEO Casinos Austria, said: “Casinos Austria enjoys an excellent reputation in the international game industry, which we will continue to support in collaboration with its managers and employees in the years to come ".

I can't wait to face the next tasksnull Together we will provide our guests and players the Best gaming experience, hospitality and entertainment, with particular attention to most high safety standards and responsible game. ", He added.

And he then concluded saying: “I will contribute with all my experience for make a sustainable contribution to the well -being of the group, together with employees in these difficult times ".

Robert Chvatal, l’CEO of the Sazka Group, said that Van Lambart's appointment denied a new approach in recruitment methods of the operator. This is after the criticisms on its recruitment strategy in recent years.

And he then said: "The entire research process was completely transparent, with a'professional experience and a profound understanding of industry highlighted as a key criteria ".

“Erwin van Lambaart Was approached by Spencer Stuart. The reason is that he perfectly satisfied the criteria for the position of CEO.", he added.

And he also pointed out another thing. That is, that he is very happy that with the appointment of the new CEO Casinos Austria there is a strong consent both by the shareholders and representatives of employees.

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