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Was A new PayPal software developed which is needed for block transactions with betting sites.

At the moment only players have been made available to United States and United Kingdom, but soon it could also be offered in the American market.

But let's go see what this software does and how it can be used, in this article written by our experts in the sector.

What is PayPal?

Paypal, who now launches this new software, is onecompany known by most people.

It offers a service that allows the user to receive and d 'Send money and pay quickly and easilynull All without having to enter your personal data every time.

È used by over 250 million people In the world, especially to shop online. Paypal is available in 25 different currencies and over 200 world markets.

The company has decided to launch this new software after in 2019 has been overhauled on its payment methods and checks carried out on them. The reason is that there were some Concerns that the platform was used to excessively facilitate online gambling.

PayPal's new software

This new PayPal software that It serves to block transactions with betting sites, and who has just been launched for the United States and United Kingdom market, was created by Gamban for the professionaltection of players.

With the software Users can block transactions to betting and game sites. In addition to all websites that have registration or prizes.

It works on games like slot machine and board games, and not only online but also physical. It could also be used to block payments of lottery tickets, personal bets and horses.

With this new PayPal software, moreover, Customers have the opportunity to suspend transactions towards intermediaries of the world of betsnull But also Betting forum between private individuals and companies related to the world of gambling.

The statements on the new Paypal software

The platform that developed this blocking system of the new Paypal software has declared: "Paypal that offers its users the opportunity to block gambling transactions is one welcome addition to the gambling recovery toolkit”.

And then added: “Between the blocking of game transactions at your bank and Paypal, the online game block with Gamban, the self -exclusion with Gamstop and the search for support from Gamcare will give yourself the better possibility of recovery”.

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