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Parimatch Tech supports Ukrainian refugees by finding him work thanks to the employment project called “Give a job for UA”.

This is the latest news relating to the support of the company towards Ukraine as, as explained in this article, ha already sent funds for almost 2 million $ and other humanitarian aid.

Ma How come all these aid from Parimatch to Ukraine? Why is he supporting the country, civilians and troops in every way? To know how to read it to read the next lines of this article.

Why does Parimatch Tech support Ukrainian refugees?

Parimatch Tech, the company that supports Ukrainian refugees by finding work, It has numerous valid reasons to do it.

First of all, Parimatch was founded in Kiyv still back in 1994null And then, In Kiyv he still has a part of the employees to whom, to give rescue and serve as a humanitarian support, he also left the cars Tesla corporate.

Moreover, Parimatch Tech operates in most of the Eastern Europe countries, excluding Russia for a short time after the start of the conflict. Therefore It certainly has all the interest in helping and supporting employees, but also local families and entities who are managing the situation.

The plan is to give work to refugees

Parimatch Tech, who is already supporting Ukrainian refugees in various ways, has now thought of adding the "Give a Job for UA" project to help them finding them work.

“Give a job for UA” è un professionalject supported by Global Compact Network Ukraine, Happy Mondoy and Local Network Polandnull His goal is to combine various companies that can help Ukrainians find work remotely or anywhere are now in the world.

For this initiative towards refugees, Joblee, specialized site for the search for work globally, and the Ukrainian platform Happy Monday have changed their site with Special sections dedicated to job offers for European companies and participants in the Global Compact Network.

The statements on Parimatch Tech that supports Ukrainian refugees

On Parimatch Tech that supports Ukrainian refugees finding work Those of the Global Compact Network Ukraine spoke, but also the leaders of Parimatch.

The CEO of the Global Compact Network Ukraine, Tatiana Sahauk, said: "Russian military aggression has forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their homeland”.

"They have lived horrible things and have lost their homes and worknull Some of them left their families. ", then added Tatiana.

And he concluded saying: “Every day they worry and fear about their relatives who remained in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Ukrainians want to work and bring their knowledge and skills for the benefit of those companies that will give them a hand”.

While Parimatch Tech's Chief Sustainability Officer, which supports Ukrainian refugees, said: "The Ukrainian economy is fighting e We are trying to support it in all possible ways for the future of the countrynull Support for the project allows us to help our compatriots survive and send funds to those who remain in Ukraine ".

"Furthermore, The project is an opportunity to help Ukrainians who are completely concentrated on volunteering, but ready to work for European or American companies at a distance. ", then concluded saying.

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