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Aristocrat Leisure helps Pixel United staff, or its division that leaves Ukrainian due to the Russian invasion.

The company has, in fact, helped employees to move to other countries or areas of Ukraine creating a group in Poland to provide support to these people.

But not only. In fact, as we will see in this article written by Top-Us-Casino experts, Aristocrat also provided Safe accommodation, funds and emergency products To those who have decided to stay and fight for the homeland.

Pixel United leaves Ukrainian: the steps taken

View thecurrent war situation in Ukraine, Aristocrat helps Pixel United staff who leaves the country.

Until now, More than two thirds of employees (who are approximately 1000) accompanied by families have decided to leave the country.

Aristocrat also has A group of people in Poland made available to refugeesnull This group He takes care of assisting the staff and their families on sitenull Moreover he is also providing Legal assistance, assistance for visas, accommodation and transport systems.

Not The staff who have decided to move to other countries is working remotely, with the support of the various Pixel United studios present throughout Europe. Aristocrat also said that shortly will open a new office in Wroclaw (Breslavia)In Poland.

Aristocrat's position against Russia

Aristocrat, who helps Pixel United staff who leaves Ukrainian, has also taken some measures against Russianull In fact, at the moment the company has all its activities relating to the mobile game in the country suspended.

The choice was made, as was made by many other companies in the sector, as according to Aristocrat at the moment it is not a feasible thing. Russia, moreover, It was about 3% of the reservations made to Pixel United before suspension of services.

The statements on Pixel United that leaves Ukraine

On Pixel United who leaves Ukrainian because of the war he spoke The parent company, or Aristocrat.

The company said: The thoughts of all aristocrat staff are with our Ukrainian colleagues and team members who are supporting them In this difficult moment ".

The well -being and safety of our people remain our maximum priority And Aristocrat's Pixel United Team continues to guide a complete answer. ", continued saying.

And they also added: "The company is exploiting its vast network of studies and operations in Europe, the United States and Israel, and its combined global skills, for implement effective mitigations and support the continuity of the business”.

We will continue to monitor the impacts up close to the situation fluid and We will provide an update on the occasion of the semester financial results of Aristocrat in May. ", they concluded by saying on Pixel United that leaves Ukrainian.

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