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The Playtech partnership and 888 is confirmed, which will bring new games both in the live version and in the one with RNG, on the online casino. The agreement, in fact, provides that Playtech, leader in the sector of making online games, provides 888 casino a series of new games.

As the commercial director of Playtech, Yori Arami "specified"The new agreement on RNG content means that 888 will have access to the wide range of new and innovative online casino games of Playtech, coming from its strong line-up of game studies“.

This collaboration, then, also includes access to some particular titles, such as Sporting Legends Suite and Rubik's cube, games that are based on progressive jackpots among the highest in the whole sector.

The Playtech partnership and 888: growth for everyone

Obviously this agreement between Playtech and 888 will allow growth for both subjects on the field. Playtech continues to impose more and more on the market, thanks to the many acquisitions made over time, including certainly stands out Snai And the various collaborations with online casino. 888 Casino, on the other hand, will try to grow even more the offer for its players, trying to always attract new ones. In USA, for example, 888 is among the top five platforms With the greater percentage of GGR, or Gross Gaming Revenue and its goal, thanks to these new games, is to grow again.

Here are the words of Edo Haitin, CEO of the Live Casino of Playtech: "The significant investment and the commitment of 888 in the version of the live casino shows how important an experience guided by entertainment for the modern player is". Haitin also reiterated that this collaboration arrives at the right time, seen Playtech is always launching new games, from which 888 can benefit.

Also Guy Cohen, senior vice -president of 888 and head of the B2C, expressed enormous satisfaction for this result: "In 888, we are constantly looking for partnerships that strengthen our offer of products e I believe that the live casino of Playtech and the RNG content will do exactly this" - adding -"The new games will expand our packet of existing games to provide new, exciting and engaging gaming experiences in a safe and protected environment”.

Live games

As you have already understood at the beginning, one of the fundamental aspects of this partnership Playtech and 888, it concerns the world of games with live dealersnull To be more precise, Playtech S is committed to creating a study dedicated only to 888 in the maxi production structure located in Riga, in Latvia. There is talk of a space of over 8 thousand square meters in which hundreds of salt will be set up Each with different tables and dealers throughout the day.

It is a special offer with truly unmatched cameras and technology. We must then add that Playtech really believes in this project and a campus has also created all the workers of the company and, in particular, of the Playtech Live sector.

Inside the study there will be several game tables, including obviously the most popular, such as the blackjack And the roulette, but there will also be live slots.

The strengths of games with live dealers

The growth of live game seems really disruptive and this is due, in particular, to a series of points that must absolutely be taken into consideration also in the partnership between Playtech and 888.

Safety is one of the points that players appreciate. Seeing a flesh and blood dealers launch the ball or distribute the cards offers greater semblance of safety. We are talking about semblance because in reality the games with RNG in the legal platforms are absolutely safe.

Another important point, then, is the quality of the virtual rooms and the sensations they offer. Obviously it will not seem to you to be in one of the magnificent casino of Las Vegas, but it will still be much more pleasant than a software game.

Finally, then, the entertainment of the dealer is certainly an important point to be taken into consideration, for some reasons in particular. First of all, it will help you understand the game if doubts. Secondly, it will be much more fun and the game will flow faster.

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