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Playtech Public Document ARISTOCRUS ACCOMPANY after the offer by the company.

With this publication, Playtech promises liquidity and certainties to its shareholders, beyond provide the reasons for the sale and explain why it was decided to approve this agreement.

But let's see this more sales agreement immediately in detail.

Playtech Public Document Aristocrat acquisition: the details of the sale

Playtech public document aristocrat acquisition after the company's offer, e In the document he explains exactly what was offered. But also The reasons why it was decided to accept it.

aristocrat confirmed that he wants to acquire Playtech still the last month, offering 3.1 billion euros. Ma This offer could however be refused, as Gopher Investments, who is the minority shareholder in Playtech, did aAnother offer.

What did the published document contain?

The document that Playtech publishes on Aristocrat acquisition contains everyone The reasons why the board of directors (Board of Directors) of Playtech has decided to support the agreementnull The first reason, according to the company, is that Playtech is making a large transition to the new regulated markets in the world. Indeed, Asia and the United Kingdom have lost meaning like markets, growth is slowed down and no more markets that brought large revenue to the company are more.

Then, theimprobability of the exchange of actions at the price offered by Aristocrat, or 680 Pence per actionnull Or at least in the near future, especially considering the amount of time that would apply for Playtech's plan in these markets to be made.

Given the price of the offer, they said the acquisition would allow shareholders to have more liquiditynull Even because Waiting for Playtech actions to arrive at 680 pence takes time, and even greater certainties.

The buyer's information

The acquisition published by Playtech are also present on the document concerning information issued by Aristocrat.

For example, in the document, Aristocrat explains how business integration is influenced by the management and occupation of Playtech's activities. Aristocrat will make a review of the activity and its products To understand the potential better.

In addition, it is also specified that Some renovations will probably be necessary, particularly in operational and administrative area, without however going to influence a lot of what are the jobs.

The details of the acquisition by aristocrat of which Playtech publishes document

Playtech public document aristocrat and inside there are all the details, including those relating to First three offers that were refused by the companynull Then, after refusing the first 3, Playtech has given more information about his business until you receive ananother offer, the fourth, which he accepted.

It also learned that This acquisition is subject to the sale of the Finalto company in Gopher Investmentsnull Very important detail, given that also Gopher made his offer for Playtech.

Still theoretically, Finalto in Gopher Investments should cost 215.5 million $, and the offer was still made to September of this year. But Finale had to be Initially transferred to a consortium with the Barinboim Group head Per 171 million of $, offer which, however, had been already refused by shareholders of society.

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