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As every month our in -depth analysis of the world of online casino, from the point of view of their trend in economic terms, returns. The previous article He was based on the market shares reported to the month of November and had already shown some really exciting numbers. In this case, however, we will see in detail the online casinos of market shares Decembernull We will make a fairly complete comparison between December 2022 data compared with the same month but of previous years. Obviously we will also analyze the growth trend, or decrease, compared to last month and we will see what the operators who most of all conquer market slices are.

The online game: boom in December

The first fact that emerges without any doubt concerns the umpteenth growth of the online game that is based on casino data, sports betting, poker and bingonull In December the GGR, or the Gross Gaming Revenue indicating the percentage of money played, It has splashed at 359 million euros, or the highest figure ever recorded evernull An increase of 38.7% compared to last year, 86% compared to December 2019 and almost tripled in just two yearsnull What should this incredible leap forward? Certainly to online sports bets that increase their monthly collection of 66 million euros in just one month. The restrictions of the country are certainly engraved due to the Covid who decreed the closing of most of the premises in which one could bet. As a result, people had to start betting online. The growth, however, concerned all the online game sector, therefore also Bingo, Poker Cash and poker tournaments. The latter, however, had only a very light increase synonymous with the fact that in the end the enthusiasts of these game are those and that the number is now destined to have no great surge.

And the world of online casino?

This sector also had a fairly important increase compared to the previous month. 30 million euros have increased compared to November 2019. Another important increase is recorded compared to December 2019. In just one year, there was a growth of almost 70 million to demonstrate that the trend is really important. Remember that when we talk about casino online, we mean card games and tables in addition to slot machine online.

The reasons for this boom?

As we saw, the increase was largely caused by the increase in sports betting, but this was also determined by the continuation of the restrictions due to the Covid. Citizens are still forced to respect rigid rules that provide for the obligation not to go out after 10 pm in the evening above all avoid activities that provide for assembly. Consequently we continue to have to stay at home and therefore there is a need to find some small more relief valvenull And there is also to be considered that since there are fewer exits and leisure the Americans also find some small sums of money more to be able to aim.

When are Covid and restrictions by affecting?

In December 2019 the online game and the world of virtual casinos recorded yet another growth record reaching incredible figures. To this many wonder how much Covid could have actually influenced this growth trend.

First of all it is necessary to specify and underline that the world of online has been growing for several years, and month after month, year after year, there are more and more players who decide to register in online casinos or to bet directly from the online null Obviously, as we also analyzed in the article on November data, the continuous restrictions for American citizens and therefore the fact of not being able to go out or that the betting rooms and the slot rooms are often closed has however affected not so much on growth in general , but on the speed of growth. That the online sector is first on the rise is out of any doubt and also demonstrates the interest of many terrestrial structures that decide to try onlinenull Among these for example, There is the Sands group, owner of some of the most beautiful Las Vegas casino, such as The Venetian e The Palazzonull After the new CEO appointed following the death of Sheldon Adelson, in fact, he is thinking of launching himself In the world of online episodes.

Obviously, staying at home, having more money in your pocket and the desire to experience strong sensations, however, has encouraged many people who did not know this sector to try it. Those who were already a fans of card and table games like blackjack and roulette, has easily increased the amount of game a little morenull Having said that there are certainly other interesting reasons that should be analyzed. Let's see the main ones.

Welcome bonus: Competition between the various online casino is becoming stronger and stronger. This obviously creates benefits to players. Among these are certainly excellent Welcome offers To which users can aspire that they have more chance of playing without having to spend too much money.

Games more and more attractive: at the basis of the growth of the Gross Gaming Revenue, both in USA and in the rest of the world, there is also an important work by the software providernull These, in fact, are committed day after day in the creation of slot machines with increasingly attractive themes and with more interesting games. Among these, for example there is certainly the mini roulette (I would insert links), A steamed much more always than traditional roulette.

Introduction of American culture games: an aspect to which not everyone pays attention was the choice, decidedly guessed, to include in the section of the card games also some American games that were certainly not considered by casinonull Among these, for example, there is briscola, broom or it scientific discovernull Thanks to this move, in fact, even some players who did not have affinity with the world of roulette or French card games, were able to approach online casinos.

The most important operators in the sector

As regards, however, the operators in the sector, there are no great changes compared to the casino shares of the previous month.

  • pokerstars: The giant is always confirmed as the first in the standings, conquering the percentage slightly compared to last month. For him an 11.46% share compared to 11.3% in November.
  • sisal: same share compared to the previous month also for Sisal, which maintains the second position.
  • Lattomatic: third position for this dealer which maintains 8% of the money spent by American players in the online casino sector.
  • Snai: no difference also for the platform that owns Snaitech, purchased in recent months by the American giant Playtech. Therefore, 7.3% of the casino shares confirmed.
  • 888: very small drop for 888 which descends from 7.05% recorded in November 2022 to 6.93% in December.
  • Eurobet: This dealer is the most drastic drop recorded among online casino games operators. Eurobet, in fact, loses almost a percentage point by reaching 6.33% compared to 7% of last month.

What about poker?

As we said, poker recorded a slight increase of about one million euros regarding tournaments. In November the final data had been 11.2 million euros, while in December 2022 it reached 12.2 million. The same increase also for the Poker Poker ranging from 7.2 million to 8.3 million euros in just one month. The increase was also noticed in relation to the previous year. If we compare the December 2019 data with those of 2022, in fact, we see that there has also been a really important growth in this case. The tournaments in December 2019 had grossed 7 million euros, so in just one year they increased by 5 million (about 40%). The game with money passes, instead from 5.5 million to 8.3 million. Also in this case the positive trend stood at around 40%.

The overtaking of sports betting

Compared to last month, Sports betting have exceeded the online casino and slot sector for percentage of money collectednull The reason is obviously attributable to the fact that traditional betting rooms have been closed and therefore that the players have necessarily had to play online. Of course, the full recovery of the highest national championships and European sports competitions also influenced this overtaking. On the other hand, however, the online casino sector does not seem worried at all.


We are the right at the end of this guide on online casinos market shares December and we tried to deepen all possible ideas regarding this topic. We analyzed the data of this continuously growing trend and tried to make a clear and direct confrontation with the previous month and the same period of the year before. Finally we also tried to understand the reasons for this evolution which, in any case, we will continue to follow month after month on Top-Us-Casino, so as to understand its trend.

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