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The Ritz Londra, One of the most important clubs for gamblers could reopen its doors after the sudden closure of June who had left hundreds of people without work, but could do it with Hard Rock Casino.

The Barclay brothers, in fact, owners of the historic room open in 1998, after the first Lockdown due to Covid, had to definitively abandon the idea of being able to reopen it.

The announcement left the workers and players who were losing a point of reference not only English, but European. At The Ritz London, in fact, the greatest High Roller players in Europe ready to challenge each other at Blackjack, Roulette, in Baccarat and of course to poker. Unfortunately, however, the accounts were already from some years that they did not go in the right direction. Indeed In 2018 he closed the balance with losses for 12 million pounds while in 2019 they reached 11 millionnull If you add to these that very often the players who had asked for credit during their unfortunate games did not pay their debts, it is clear that probably The Ritz Club had lasted too muchnull It was in fact since 2016 that the financial statements of the renowned London club were not positive.

The Ritz London: history

It is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and is located in the basement of theHotel Ritz, a splendid five -star structurenull It is not a very large room, but consider that it is a decidedly exclusive private club that few can have access. Mainly, it is reserved for high roller, or those players who invest a lot of money for their play in casinos. In fact it was frequented by European magnates and Arab sheikhs, always fond of this exclusive private clubnull In recent years, among the various world -renowned characters who have visited him to make some episodes, there are Jonny Depp and Al Pacino. But also the former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton.

In the near future, however, the license of The Ritz London could be purchased from another really important brand such as the Hard Rock Internationalnull The idea is to create the first hard rock casino in London and then obviously try to expand more and morenull The operation will be carried out together with the Seminole. It is a group of Florida with whom Hard Rock already shares hotels in Davie, a city a stone's throw from Miami and the Atlantic Ocean.

A great project in a digital key

The acquisition of The Ritz London, and the creation of a brand new Hard Rock Casino is obviously a great operation that provides for an important economic outlay. In reality, however, this acquisition would take more than anything else a symbolic value and would be a sort of maxi advertising for the digital sector in which Hard Rock seems to want to aimnull It is enough to know that in the coming years the landing of the platform in America is expected where the market that Hard Rock Digital could cover would be 7 billion dollars per year for sports betting and over 14 billion for Casino games. Dizzying numbers that refer only to America but which could increase dramatically by aiming for the different markets available.

With the launch of Hard Rock Digital, we are expanding our digital business that improves consumer experiences and offers through our interactive games and sports betting offers“, Said Jim Allen, president of Hard Rock International who continues:"Hard Rock Digital also intends to pursue strategic branding and distribution opportunities both in the United States and globally!”.

Who will manage the hard rock casino?

To drive the new English casino it was called Ashkenazi raised, former CEO of The Stars Group, who will play the role of the CEO of both executive president.

With him in this adventure there will be Marlon Goldstein, ex chief legal officer di Stars, which acts as a managing director and CEO of Hard Rock Digital.

To complete the trio of personality to which the charges and honors of this very important management will touch, there is Anche Matt Primeaux. Matt previously he was senior vice -president of Strategy sector and US operations for Stars. He holds the role of executive managing director and president of the new activity.

Will the Ritz London remain a High Roller room?

This is not yet known, but the feeling is that hard rock hard rock can focus on a casino that includes most of his revenues from High Roller players, or players accustomed to having a decidedly important budget. The management of such a casino, in fact, as the last years of The Ritz London also demonstrate, is decidedly complicated.

When players win, in fact, they take away a lot of money from the casino. When they forgive, however, they risk making debts that then do not weld, or at least do not welcome in the immediate. However, this causes more and more in management difficulties and therefore more and more serious problems to then be able to face.


If you want to stay updated on the possible developments of this operation that should lead to the birth of the Hard Rock Casinothen continues to Follow our blog. You will find news always updated, thanks to the contribution of our experts in the sector. But in addition to this also guides on the various games, and reviews of the main devices of an online casino or an authorized room.

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