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Schiavolin asks for a single text of the game and, in this article, our professionals and Top-Us-Casino experts They will explain to you what it pushes Snaitech into this position.

In fact, the CEO, tired of the constant extensions of the licenses, asks that a single text of the game is drawn up To put on black and white what companies can, or do not, do.

Schiavolin asks for the Consolidated Law on the game: the reasons

The reasons that move Schiavolin who asks for a single text of the game are varied, but all connected to closings due to the Covid-19 pandemicnull With closings it was in fact noticed how The propensity to the game has not been stopped or reduced or eliminated the application. More than anything else, we saw how without legal offer the players threw themselves on the illegal market.

In USA there are various regions in which the regulations, between times, sensitive places and distances, do not allow you to open new centers or shops. According to Fabio Schiavolin this should change. But also according to most of the other operators. All, in fact, they ask for full citizenship for legal playing companies and full ability to execute obligations deriving from a legal concession.

The legal game in USA

The Ad Snaitech Fabio Schiavolin asks and pushes by the single text of the game because he says that The legal game in USA must move between dated regulations and laws to be reviewed.

Indeed, The concessions of the betting rooms date back to 2007, and I'm expired since 2014null They are not never been renewed, but only extended, which means that the operators and owners of the licenses live in total uncertainty. Then, absurdly, there are foreign operators with open points of sale without any kind of concessionnull The latter do not respect any legislation Yet, moving in the gray area of American law, they manage to remain open.

The legal game market In 2019 it brought income of around 11 billion $ to the American state. Obviously without counting those of the activities connected such as maintenance companies, games, food and drinks, and the equipment. The legal game is Un’industria gigantic. From work to more than 150 thousand people, and was put hard to the test by Covid-19 and by all the restrictions put in place.

Fabio Schiavolin's statements asking for a single text of the game

The Ad Snaitech Schiavolin who asks for a single text of the game said that the sector has experienced a strong push in digital. Snaitech starts already advantaged having always considered innovation as a necessary thing rather than something that is better to have. In doing so, Snaitech was able to face the change and speed of the online development.

It was a transition to digital addressed, being able to count only in the credibility and power of the brand, given that the Dignity Decree very limits communication methods for companies. Snaitech he is always close to his stores scattered throughout the national territory as they are the First business card of the company, which is therefore having to respect, protect and strengthen.
And on the consolidated text of the game, Schiavolin who asks for it, added: "The legal game, despite being a custodian of state concessions, still seems to serve a prejudicenull The Lockdown showed us how the closing of the rooms did not stop the propensity for the game or deleted the application. Rather, In the absence of offer, we have witnessed the spread of illegal game in many territoriesnull Today the climate appears more favorable, but I am firmly convinced you have to followed by the commitment of the last few years and reach a single text of the game, in favor of which all stakeholders have already expressed themselves "

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