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Last January 11, 2022 Multimiliaarian Sheldon Adelson has passed away due to complications following the treatment of non-hodgkin lymphomanull Adelson, magnate in the casino sector, was 87 years old. In this article we will try to know more about one of the most important men in Las Vegas, on its history and what was its enormous contribution to casino in both America and all over the world.

The beginnings

Sheldon Adelson was born in Boston on August 4 in 1933 to Jewish parents, of which the father from Eastern Europe. The business had practically in the blood as it starts to try their hand in the mono of business by selling newspapersnull Then, after having played in the army, he becomes a stenographer at the Court of the Court and here he begins to meet many people. One of these offers him a job as a broker and this allows him to assert his huge nose in business.

Before entering the world of game rooms, had started building his great fortune by creating on the Comdex fair, the most important in the world and above all the only computer fair, a sector that at that moment was seeing its first boom, between 1980 and 1990.

Nel 1988, Adelson decide di investire parte dei suoi guadagni acquistando, insieme ad un suo amico, il Sands Hotel& Casino di Las Vegasnull The main objective was to make Las Vegas a pole in the exhibition sector that could attract person from the whole nation. To achieve this they founded the group Las Vegas Sands and the following year built the Sands Expo and Convention Center, or the first private congress center in the United States.

His contribution to the world of casino

As seen Aldenson he earned much of his initial success thanks to the mono of fairs, in which he was a real precursor. But now we see why he is one of the most important characters in the world of Gambling and what his contribution was in this sector.

Obviously in 1988 by purchasing a casino he joined the people who hit this industry, but his real contribution came a little by chance in 1991null During that year, in fact, he married his second wife Miriam and decided to spend his honeymoon in USA, precisely in Venice. That experience he gave him the intuition for an ambitious project that he would have completed as soon as he returned to Las Vegas. Once in America, in fact, he decides to totally break down the sand hotel and casino to create a new, totally different and innovative and which would be inspired by the city of Venice: il Venetian. The project started only a few years later, precisely in 1996 and ended in 1999 for a cost of approximately 1.5 billion dollarsnull However, the result was exceptional. The mammoth structure received appreciation from everyone and was recognized as one of the most beautiful casinos and hotels around the world. Sophia Loren also took part in the opening ceremony. Over time it has become a point of reference for players and tourists who at least once in life have to visit this spectacular resort.

The export of the Las Vegas model

Obviously The Venetian was also one more reason for other resort dealers and manufacturers to create increasingly incredible structures giving life to a competition who ended only to encourage Las Vegas and all his casinos (Insert links on article that talks about Las Vegas casino).

However, Adelson's contribution was not only addressed to Las Vegas. In the following years, in fact, he managed to constitute several Las Vegas style casinos, or of spectacular and luxurious maxi resorts from every point of view, a Macao, Chinese city known for gambling is in Singapore. The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is certainly one of Macao's attractions.

In 2007 he then built his second structure, the Sands Macao Hotel. Adelson's intuitions also imposed themselves in oriental land without any problem. Although Macao, as mentioned, was one of the lands in which the gambling was more widespread, the structures were for the smallest sheds resounded and decidedly very poor. Adelson then decided to create such an important and luxurious structure that no one could have equal it. In total he spent about $ 270 million, but managed to return to the investment in less than a yearnull An extraordinary result, obtained, once again thanks to the intuition of him on the future. From that moment, anyone who wanted to constitute a casino in Macao where to take Adelson's casinos as a reference point.

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