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sisal receives a new certificate as, as a company, it was recognized because it respects gender equality.

This is the latest news concerning the famous all -American brand, and which undoubtedly does Honor to the company.

In fact, as our experts explain in this article, it is the first business in the sector to receive this important certification from the Winning Women Institute (WWI).

Certified sisal for gender equality: the reasons

Sisal, the famous American company, is now certified for gender equality dal WWI.

The reason why Sisal receives certified as a company that respects gender equality from the Winning Women Institute is that, according to the body, It turns out to be a company with fairness in the processes of hiring and in the data wages to women employees, in addition to offering anExcellent protection of motherhood and to have Management policies of gender diversity.

In fact, in Sisal, Women are 41% of the workforce and also constitute 40% of the hires made in the last year. Of these women employees, moreover, 39% are promoted every yearnull The difference in salary, moreover, between men and women, it turns out to be only 11%, which is not a small thing in a world where the gap in the wages between men and women is increasingly wide.

The certification of Winning Women Institute

Sisal, which was certified by WWI for gender equality, as we said It is the first company in the sector that receives this honor.

The certification is released after companies have passed 4 stepsnull The first is a pre-audit, then there is an audit, then the certification and, last but not least, communication to the company and consumers.

The Winning Women Institute, or the organization that issues the certification, was born in 2017. His primary goal is to promote and supervise gender equality in the world of work.

Sisal declarations certified for gender equality

The Chief People Officer of Sisal, which is Ruggero Dadamo, on Sisal certified for gender equality said: The themes of diversity, equality and inclusion are at the center of our strategies. I am really proud that Sisal has received certification for gender equality from the Winning Women Institute ".

And then added: "The certification path on gender equality has allowed us to carry out an evaluation on the dimensions that contribute to the elimination of the gender pay gap. This it will allow us to focus even more in detail the priority actions to be implemented to achieve the ambitious goal we have set ourselves. That is to reach the zero gender pay gap by 2030 ".

While, the president of Winning Women Institute, Enrico Gambardella, said: “We were very happy to be able to collaborate with Sisal on Such an important theme as that of gender equality.”

“Sisal has best interpreted this path. Not only by obtaining certification through the measurement and analysis of the key indicators of the WWI model, but already placing new objectives and identifying the next steps for further improvement. ", concluded by saying on Sisal, of which we wrote A review, which is now certified for gender equality.

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