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Sisal, one of the bookmakers e Most important online casino In USA both by popularity and for money played every year on its platform, aims for the blow to Englandnull The combination of Sisal and the English lottery, in fact, could lead the historic American bookie to land firmly in the United Kingdom.

In England, in fact, the match is open to manage the English National Lottery, one of the most important games throughout Europe. In addition, it is a real must for British citizens who have been playing for years.

And Sisal seems to be in pole position to take over from another historical brand in this sector, Camelot. The contract has a ten -year duration and the winning company will enter into action starting from 2023 until 2033null The decision will be made at the end of 2022 and Sisal, as mentioned, is among the main contenders, even if he will have to face the competition of the outgoing company Camelot, the Czech Sazka brand and the Indiana Sugal & Damani.

"We feel ready"

il CEO of Sisal, Francesco during, during an interview with the Sole 24 Ore clarified that the group is strong and that it can certainly aim to conquer this call. Here are his words: "Today the English is one of the most important lotteries in the world, the most important of the old continent. It generates about 8 billion dirts of business volume and which in any case can potentially grow again. Just think that the expenditure per capita for lotteries in U.K. it is lower than that of European countries”.

Game and charity also in the case of Sisal to the English lottery

One of the peculiarities of the English lottery, is that it allocates a percentage of revenues to good cause, or to finance products for the public good and charitynull A decision made by Sir John Mayor and in fact the results were exciting. Of the 72 billion pounds collected, 42 were intended to finance 625 thousand beneficial initiatives.

And in fact, Francesco Durante speaks of the entity who will accompany them if the adventure between Sisal and the English lottery kicked off. "To support us in this challenge there will be Barnardo's, a charity body with 155 years of activity, 7 thousand employees and 15 thousand volunteers“.

International Sisal Lottery

This is not the first country outside of USA where the Sisal lottery is made. The bookie e authorized gambling hall, In fact, he has already participated and won several contracts in other countries. In Morocco and Turkey, for example, Sisal won the call for Superenalotto, as was done in USA too, in which the entity has confirmed that the management of this famous game will continue.

Furthermore, as regards the Sisal Oonline sector, it is also present in Spain and also decisive tip at the entrance to the American market.

The history of the English lottery

The English "National Lottery" is one of the oldest in the world and is created around the middle of the sixteenth second, and precisely in 1567. It was that the year in which Sir William Cecil, secretary of Queen Elizabeth I, He had the idea of a large national lottery whose main purpose would have been to buy Royal Navy ships and provide for the maintenance of shipyards.

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