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The Snaitech Sustainability Week, a week aimed at information and awareness regarding Snaitech's business sustainability, has reached his 4 edition from 23 to 27 May of this year.

As explained by the summits of Snaitech, this week It serves to create a shared vision on sustainability, both internally and together with the various investors.

Ma Let's see in more detail this week organized by the famous American brand in this article by our experts.

Cost Sustinability Week?

This week In the name of information and awareness of corporate sustainability organized by Snaitech which is part of the Snai group such as the Famous online casino, is an event that has taken shape for his 4 edition from 23 to 27 May.

In the days of the event, Snaitech exposes his path of sustainability with the public, but most of all with investors and corporate staff, from which a comparison and sharing of ideas.

Also during the Snaitech Sustainability Week of this year, the company has The sustainability budget relating to last year is also presentednull The sustainability budget illustrates the projects started and the company commitment at the level of social responsibility.

The words of the CEO of Snaitech

Fabio Schiavolin, the CEO of Snaitech who organized the 4th edition of the Sustainability Week, said that In the business it is right to always look forward, but it is also right to reflect on the meaning of "doing business".

From his words it is clear that company sustainability is important for Snaitechnull Like a lot The impact that corporate choices have on social development and on the environment is also important.

Schiavolin also explained that This year's theme was developed on 4 points important for the company. These points are the regulated market, innovation, sustainability and people.

The reason for this choice is simple, because they define the identity of Snaitech which organizes the Sustainability Week every year:

  • Regulated market: It is important because it serves to protect players;
  • Innovation: It is one of the strengths of Snaitech, and on which its development bases;
  • Sustainability: It is an important commitment that Snaitech, but also other companies, must take charge;
  • People: According to the top management of the company, without the team he can enjoy, Snaitech could not achieve these results.
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