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Star Entertainment Group denies having ignored reports on money laundering After being accused by the Australian media of money recycling, our experts explain.

In the last response given to the newspapers, in fact, he strongly rejected the accusations of having ignored a report issued by KPMG Australian concerning its alleged failures regarding the anti -money laundering of money.

Star denies having ignored anti -money laundering reports: the accusations of the media

Star Entertainment Group denies having ignored the anti -money labor reports after being accused. To accuse him last week, A joint investigation of 3 newspapers, and accuse him of 3 crimes.

In fact, the investigation of theAge, del 60 Minutes e del Sydney Morning Herald accuses Star Entertainment Group of money laundering, organized crime and large -scale fraud interfering in the operations of its casino for many years, and to have ignored anti -money laundering reports. Reports in which the Legal aspects under which Star was failing to prevent money money laundering.

From this journalistic investigation The decision of the New South Wales Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority followed this.null In fact, they too have started Controls relating to money recycling in Sydney's The Star Casino.

Star Entertainment Group's response to the accusations of the media

In his initial response to the accusations, stars denies having ignored anti -money laundering reportsnull But the company has also declared that she is "Worried" by a series of statements issued by the media which he considered "Fuorvianti"null Statements for which he also said he would have faced by taking the right measures.

Now, however, he has released Further declarations relating to the accusations of having ignored a relationship of the trade and tax services trade KPMG above the relative anti -money laundering (AML) and against terrorism financing measures (CTF).

In the declarations the media affirm, for example, that The reports prepared by KPMG in 2018 were kept secret and the company did not act adequately, but Star denies everything.

Said that Reports, and the results of the anti -money laundering report were considered and implementednull In fact, stay first In 2018 he adopted an updated AML/CTF program, e continues to implement improvements To complete his framework of conformity on the anti -money laundering of money (AML).

The results of the review and the report that derived were Shared with Austrac, the body that regulates AML and CTF, In addition to the independent auditornull And were used in the investigation of Crown Resort for which Then they changed CEO.

Star statements that denies having ignored the anti -money laundering reports

Star Entertainment Group accused of money money laundering denies having ignored anti -money laundering reports and says that: Star will provide reports from the independent reviews of the AML/CTF program and information relating to the implementation of improvement programs and current practices to the five -year overhaul of The Star Sydney which will be undertaken in accordance with the 1992 control Act (NSW) by Mr. Adam Bell Sc. "

He then said that, After the recommendations received in the KPMG report, in 2018 he started a program, which then ended in 2022null The program was studied To improve under the aspects highlighted by KPMG in the reportnull And the auditor, according to Star, has then re -evaluated its AML/CTF program as compliant to the rules and effective in its purpose.

In conclusion, then, Star said: “Star Entertainment Group remains engaged in the continuous improvement on the anti -money laundering of moneynull For this purpose, we will continue to invest in better systems, in skills and resources ".

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