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The trattativa Gopher Investments e Playtech si ferma, in fact the giant withdraws from the negotiation.

The agreement, which the October 21st, it was now Withdrawn from Gopher which however specifies does not retire from the acquisition agreement of the trading division of Finalo.

La trattativa Gopher Investments e Playtech

The negotiation between Gopher Investments and Playtech, which began on October 21st, included a agreement of the alleged value of approximately 3.58 billion $.

Playtech aveva provided to Gopher all possible company information and also access to private data. This to allow the investment company to carry out All the checks that they considered appropriate.

But in the negotiation between Gopher Investments and Playtech, still in September, Gopher had made an offer of 250 million dollarsnull The offer had been accepted by Playtech, after Shareholders refused an offer from the Barinboim group.

Playtech and in Negotiations for Finalto still from January, and in May he has agreed to sell the division to a management consortium funded by Barinboim Groupnull But despite this, Gopher in July made his against offer of 250 million dollars cash. Gopher's offer therefore has Playtech led to delay the meeting in which the shareholders would vote against or in favor of the offer made by Barinboimnull This is to allow greater checks on the offer.

After that the Council asked Gopher for a series ofprofessionalperty information, on his ties with the country of the Rising Sun And if these things can hinder regulatory approval of a possible acquisition.

Although Gopher answered the questions asked by the company, Playtech said he needed Further clarifications on some thingsnull To these last questions though Gopher no longer replied And, the Board of Directors of Playtech, he said he would have Supported the offer made by Barinboim, as well as maintained the date of the general meeting of shareholders to vote on the deal.

The voters have however rejected the barinboim offer, and therefore the agreement has lapsed. This therefore allowed Playtech of Continue negotiation with Gopher, who in the end was successful.

Gopher Investments and Playtech negotiation: who else has made offers?

Gopher Investments retires as a negotiation with Playtech and now remain the offers made by aristocrat e JKO Play, owned by Keith O'loughlin and Eddie Jordan. The first, still last month, agreed to acquire Playtech for 2.70 billion pounds And the proposal favored by the company remains.

JKO is in with Playtech And he had access to the information with which to evaluate the company to make an offer. It is now in negotiation with Centerbridge Partners for institutional debt and structured capital loan necessary for finance a possible agreement.

However, the negotiation is at the beginning and There is no certainty on a possible offer.

DO Playtech statements on the negotiation

With regard to the Gopher Investments and Playtech negotiation, the company said it is Continuing to work with Aristocrat to evaluate their offer. He said that the regulatory approval process is on the right track, and the goal is to complete the deal within the second quarter of next year.

Then Playtech also confirmed that Gopher's withdrawal will not impact their agreement relating to Finalto.

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