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Even in England online gambling is still demonstrating Once his trend is constantly growingnull It can also be verified with the data relating to the month of March which show an increase in the UK slot players. There British Gambling Commission, in fact, has announced the latest data relating to the game market. In the month of March alone they are reached 546.2 million pounds, with a growth of over 4% compared to the previous month. To attract the attention of the experts, however, it was the boom slot in the UK, and we are in particular about the online slot machines Since the terrestrial ones suffered the periods of restrictions.

The data that we will analyze in detail shortly, represent an excellent champion since the British Gambling Commission It collects over 80% of operators.

Boom slot in UK: i dati

In March, the last in which there were Lockdown periods due to Covid, the slot machine online they recorded a monthly entrance of over 200 million poundsnull This means, that alone, they represent about 40% of the whole induced, a large boom slot in the UK then. The numbers, then, are record even if compared to the previous month (February 2022) and to the month of December 2022 in which the absolute record had been recorded. The increase, in fact, was 15.2% and 1.5% respectively.

The reasons for this boom slot in UK

Obviously, yet another period of restrictions has certainly contributed to the UK slot players. Compared to the previous month, in fact, the players were 10% more and therefore about 3.3 millionnull In total, then, more than six billion spins were recorded. This means that in just one month the players have activated online machines for over six billion times.

By analyzing this boom slot in the UK it is DTo signal, however, that the average duration of the slot machines sessions has dropped to 21 minutes but on the other hand the long games that exceed also the hour of play have increasednull It can therefore be sensed that there is a part of players who probably focus only a few tokens at a time, or it is used to change the slot model quickly. Others, however, are dedicated to their favorite slot and therefore do not leave it so easily.

Slot players Increase in UK: the dangers

In the meantime, the insiders also question the potential dangers of this increase in UK. It could be an attempt to get distracted from some difficult and hard moments like those of Lockdown. You have to make sure that, Once the restrictions are attenuated, the players do not remain clinging to the grip of the pathological gamenull That's why the British Gambling Commission asked for more attention to dealers after this boom slot in UK.

A BGC spokesman then explained: "Our work on remote interaction with continuous customers. We continue to study the large amount of tests that we received in the 13 thousand responses that we have received to our consultation. In due course we will publish an update and define what our next steps will be, which will focus on facing the risks that we currently register in our cases”.

The changes to Gambling Act

The boom slot in the UK comes precisely when it is discussing with a certain insistence of a strong review at Gambling Act, That is the law that rules remote gamenull In particular, then, most of the changes should arrive on online slot machines. In particular, it concerns the possibility of Delete the turbo for the rollers and the automatic game functionnull In addition, there must always be a box on the screen on which the lost and won money must be indicated.

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