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I Casino online In the world there are really many and continue to increase despite the Coronavirus epidemic that hit the entire globe. Obviously also the players and the sum of money that is spent in this sector also increasenull But what are the countries where you play the most? We will see them in this deepening trying to give an idea of how the public of users who choose to play in online casinos in the world and why in some very important countries such as China and the USA, the same, does not happen the same. To do this we will use a careful analysis Made by Revenuelab and other reliable data, including those of statesman.

What are the countries where you play the most?

Australia: Is the country of kangaroos a paradise for online casino players in the world?

Australia, according to many insiders and according to annual pro-expenditure data for each citizen, seems to be really the home of the game. Every Australian citizen, at least until 2019, spent about $ 1,200 in the game of any kind. Each game is in fact legal in Australian land thanks also to a liberalistic policy of the local government. If we add to this then that the winnings are not taxed, as it happens in USA and in other countries of the world, the reason for this growth appears decidedly clearer.

Singapore e Hong Kong

Even in these eastern countries the world of game and online casino is constantly growing and, according to data, the inhabitants of Singapore spend about $ 1,100 each to playnull A decidedly important figure seen and considered that much of the population does not have a very high income and therefore, this means, that it spends a lot in the online game.

The case of Hong Kong However, it is particular. The game in this country is in fact practically prohibited except that for a single company authorized to operatenull Despite this, however, the citizens of the small eastern state spend over $ 500 each in the online game.

Canada: on top of all rankings

The North American country, thanks to the liberal policies of the government, managed to create a considerable influx of money in the state coffers. In fact, there is to be considered that a large part of the winnings are taxed thus producing a double economic returnnull Canada, in fact, collects both taxes by dealers and players. It is estimated that about 75% of the popular games or played in a casino, both online and traditionalthe. The latter, then, are also a source of tourism since many Americans, especially those who reside in the north of the nation decide to move to Canada to play.

What about China?

In this online casino ranking in the world, although there are nations such as Hong Kong and Singapore, China is missing despite the population of about 1.4 billion people. In reality In China the online game is practically illegal and the only possibilities are the national lotteriesnull With this, however, it is not necessary to believe that the Chinese are not however of the online casino visitors, only they do so "illegal", that is, playing on foreign sitesnull According to some estimates, in fact, it seems that the game in China does move almost $ 25 billion, all money that obviously circulates in a non -legal way and that does not produce any benefit in the Chinese state.

Despite this, however, the Chinese government has no intention of lowering its guard and making the game the game online, but but is trying to tighten the circle towards these illegal sites even more.

America absent?

You will probably have noticed too that among the first nations in the world among the countries where you play the most to online casinos and there is no shortage of the United Statesnull And it seems really possible given that America with Atlantic City and above all Las Vegas seem to be almost the symbol of Gambling. In reality, the US at the moment are a step back compared to other nations due to a series of government rules which, in fact, not only have blocked the expansion of the online game, But they have meant that many online casino decide to retire from the market American focus on other countries where, as we have seen, the amount of play and the possible growth are really important.

Perhaps this is also why large American companies, such as Caesar Entertainment, are putting their eyes on the great European betting and casino brands.

E in Europa?

At least until 2017, according to what the Statistics and State Analysis siteFrance is the best throughout Europe, followed by the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The detachment, however, at least in 2017 between the first and second of this special ranking was really important. The transalpines have, in fact, played in the world casino in the world over 2.3 billion euros, while English stopped at "only" 1.6 billion. Following in this ranking we find USA and Holland. Further detached, on the other hand, Holland, Austria and USA.

The Scandinavian countries, then, are also in step with the other European nations, even if the game is still quite controlled and there are very few active operators. In Finland, for example, every citizen spends over $ 550 each, while in Norway, where there are only two active operators, about 450 per capita dollars are spent.

The growth of USA among the countries of the world with online casino

We have said it from the first lines of this article, the world of casinos and online game grows more and more and USA is a clear demonstration. Just consider the data you find in the previous paragraph, or the amount spent in 2016 and that the situation that we find in 2019.

Always according to the statesman data, in fact, In 2018 there was an expense of 857 million euros with an increase of over 100% and growth does not end therenull In 2019 we arrived at the billion euros, demonstrate the positive trend of this sector. And in 2022, probably also because of the pandemic of Covid and the iron restrictions that have been implemented, the growth is even more evident, as you can see in this articlenull In April 2022, in fact, a sum of money equal to double compared to that of the previous year was played.

Growth also in May, during which the Americans spent over 100 million euros, showing another considerable increase in expenditure compared to the previous year, in which it had stopped at 70 million, of about 40%.

The consequences

From this article we have understood that the online casinos in the world are really many and that new ones always arise. This involves a benefit in economic terms for the coffers of the various states that obviously get money And for players who can have fun and also aim for important winnings. However, there are also the consequences that this maximum freedom can entail. Among these, above all stands the ludopathy, that is, an addiction that people have towards games and which, very often, can be really dangerous.

These, in fact, in order to play they end up in debt seriously by addressing in the best case to friends or relatives to have money up to extortion and stoves. The European and World States responded to this situation with various initiatives including the fight against the game as we have also seen in China and America or the recovery centers where ludopathic players have followed to stop playing. Of course, it is in many cases of a public service and therefore has costs that the state has to face.

At the moment, however, this health expenditure is clearly lower than they collect every year from a tax point of view, and therefore it seems to be fine. However, the situation remains to be understood in the coming years, when the number of ludopaths could increase.

Conclusion on online casinos in the world

From this analysis it therefore clearly emerges How the Gambling sector is constantly growing, as well as that of online casinos In the world, and in the coming years this trend should not be slowed down. We have seen the countries where we play more widespread, but the other world states are expected, in which at the moment it is currently playing or at least done illegally, they can veer the route towards a total or almost legalization. On the other hand, these are several billion dollars who could be directed towards the state coffers and used in services for citizens.

We then analyzed the case of China where the illegal game, difficult to contain, is worth about 25 billion dollars. All money that is directed towards foreign companies and countries. Even in America there is a heated debate between those who would like to push for a return to free game and those who, on the other hand, would like to avoid a total and free diffusion.

Finally, there are also the consequences, among which we obviously find ludopathy and the fact that people end up in charge of playing.

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