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More and more players are looking for adrenaline but also fast games. And that's why in the last time the success of the blackjack It was so importantnull Poker, however, at least before the restrictions due to Covid, he was starting to lose some ground due to the length of the game. A game of poker between four or six players, in fact, could last even an hour and these times are that players can hardly supportnull That's why new microgame prize tables are coming for the Velox version of its games.

For the uninitiated, the Velox made and distributed by the microgame provider software are some Poker games, in particular the Texan version, with a variable multiplier and, above all, very short.

New microgame prize tables

il software provider American, who realizes these games and who collaborates with dozens of platforms both in USA and abroad, confirmed the output of the new microgame prize tablesnull In a nutshell, as the company says, "The chances of winnings grow, in particular for the most contained buying buy-in games. For example, the X4 and X6 multipliers of challenges with participation costs up to 5 euros, have been replaced by the X5 already used for events with higher costs. A way to make even more funny challenges at the poker table that can give winnings up to 300 thousand euros”.

But how do the microgame velox work?

As mentioned, these are poker games that include three or six players sitting at the game table. The most important feature of this type of game, and which has made it so famous throughout the panorama of gaming and gods online casino, it is the fact that the prize pool is variable. In a nutshell, in fact, when you enroll in a tournament it is not known to how much the final prize pool is equivalent, and there is no microgame award table. This, in fact, will be announced only a few seconds before the start of the game and when the players are already sitting at the game table. The figures, however, in some cases can become really important.

For example, there is also the possibility (actually very rare but still interesting) that in a game of three players a final prize pool of 300 thousand euros can be reached. In this case, however, it is good to know that the sum of money is divided among the three users at the tablenull The first is due 75% of the prize, per second, instead 15% and the last 10%.

Very fast levels

Apart from the new micrrogame prize tables, if you have any experience with Texan poker you will know that the levels are raised a few minutes and therefore the episodes are much more important. In the microgame velox we start with only 500 chips and the levels increase every three minutesnull In practice, after two or three hands you move on to the next level. The games, therefore, are often destined to last very little. And that's why they are called Velox.

The rankings in addition to the microgame prize tables

In addition to the new microgame prize tables, then, it must also be taken into account that the chances of victory do not end when the game ends. Each week, in fact, there are three rankings in which the players who play with the microgame veils participate. The Pop It is dedicated to matches that include an entrance fee between 50 cents and five euros. There RockInstead for those who usually play Velox from five to ten euros. Finally, then, there is metal, or the rankings for those who play with buy-in from 20 to 50 euros. The points are acquired according to the buy-in and the result achieved.

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