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Limited advertising hours on gambling in Portugal After the Assembly of the Republic discussed and approved 4 different bills.

In this following article, i Our Top-Us-Casino experts, They analyze the bills and explain what has changed in advertising regulations in the country.

First of all, it must be said that the bills were the bills approved by the Assembly of the Republic on 1 October and now they will go to the next phase. The commission for the economy, innovation, works, public and construction will be shot for 60 days.

But let's see immediately the changes they want to go to make.

Gambling advertising in Portugal: the regulations

The limited hours of advertising on gambling in Portugal were chosen through the discussion of 4 bills by the Assembly of the Republic. The four proposed laws, and then approved, in question are the 919, the 343, Il Bill 951 E IL BILL 952.

Bills 919 and 343 provided for the modification of the Portuguese law on advertisingnull Included Restrictions on gambling and greater protections for minors.

Specifically, the bill 919 published on 29 July was Created in response to the increase in online game during the Pandemia di Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The text of the bill also reported the figures of the inspection and regulation of Portugal's game, which indicated that 329,400 new players were recorded with betting sites in the first quarter of 2022.

The drawing 343, however, was published on April 28, 2022. This indicated the increase in online gambling in relation to the pandemic situation with Covid-19, and pushed for limitations to advertising.

The bill 951 also, It wants to insert warnings on the dependence on playing in the advertisements of what defines "social games" like various lotteries and theEuromillions, to help those suffering from game addiction and prevent possible future cases.

The final bill, 952, he aims to limit the advertising relating to gambling in Portugalnull With this they want Increase awareness on responsible game and maximize consumer protection.

What changes in practice?

In practice what changes on the advertisement of gambling in Portugal These are the times when it can be done.

Not Advertising on gambling is seen a bit like the one on alcohol. So it is possible to broadcast it only from 22:30 to 7:00 in the morningnull During the day when the little ones could be on TV, however, advertising is prohibited.

In addition, now the Possibility of self -exclusion for those who do not wish to see the advertisement of gambling on the Internet.

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