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Complicated year end for Snai and for its users. The platform and mobile apps, in fact, They were victims of a hacker attack that forced the site to remain inactive for about 36 hoursnull Fortunately, the intent of computer criminals did not successfully be successful thanks to the timely response of the protection systems. The hacker attack Snai, in fact, was stopped immediately and neither the money on the accounts nor the personal data of the players have been stolen.

What happened?

It all started on the morning of 27 December 2022 when the players were unable to access the site and their game account. The attempt to log in from the various mobile apps of the site is also useless. On the pages of the platform, in fact, only this message appeared: "Dear users, we are working to restore all services as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. The Snai Team”.

The panic among the users who poured on the social pages of the dealer for signal the problem and receive some kind of response was immediately unleashed. However, the attempt was in vain, given that no response has arrived from the official channels for over 24 hours. Only the next day the following press appeared: "Snaitech, one of the main legal game operators in USA, announces that he has been the subject of an eighty attack by unknown persons which caused, starting from 27 December, the malfunction of the site and the game apps.

Over the years, the company has increased the measures in terms of cyber security, immediately started with the help of primary international partners, A massive control procedure securing its company network, the site and apps in order to carry out all the maintenance and control interventions necessary for the restoration of the systems”.

In a nutshell, there was a Snai hacker attack. The data protection system, however, immediately went into bulk so as to prevent the accounts and data from being stolen. And a general control started, which lasted precisely several hours, which caused the impossibility of access to the site.

On December 28, then, after about 36 hours from the start of the attack, the site and the apps were restored, so as to allow players to return to bet and aim for the online casino.

No data stolen

Snaitech then clarified that nobody managed to introduce himself into the system: "On the basis of what emerged from the analysis and restoration activities, The hypothesis of an intrusion in the game accounts as well as the extraction of data is excluded”.


It is not the first time that hackers try to attack a betting site e online casino. In 2019 the goal had been Eurobetnull The betting platform, to defend itself, had to follow the same procedure carried out by Snai, that is, blocking the whole system thus preventing anyone who can introduce themselves into systemsnull On this occasion, however, a cash request had also arrived to put an end to the attack through Twitter which ordered the site to pay 80,000 bitcoins.


Identity situation lived on the same days also from Lattomatic, that like the other platforms he had to stop services. Also in that case the inconveniences lasted several hours but no given or sum of money has been stolen. Obviously the inconveniences for the players were evident but in the end the only thing that matters is that their data were safe and did not end up in the wrong hands.

The Hacker Snai and Cyber Security attack

What happened at the end is only a clear example of how the theme of cyber security for this kind of platforms is important and fundamental. In fact, in addition to managing millions of euros, these have many personal data. Each player who enrolls, in fact, must send an identity document in addition to spreading number of credit cards and bank details to make deposits and withdrawals. Snai's response, as well as that of Eurobet and Lottomatica in previous years, makes it clear that these sites are still at the forefront in this field. Obviously to deal with such an attack there are negative effects, such as the suspension of services, But the fact that in neither of the three cases the criminals have managed to steal so important information still lets you hope for the future.

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