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Bad episode for pokerstars, a real world giant in the online poker and casino sector. The dealer, in fact, It was fined for about $ 1,000 by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) of New Jerseynull This is because it allowed a player who had requested the self -exclusion PokerStars from the games, to continue not only to load the account but also to aim. In total, it seems that the player has placed episodes for a total of over 500,000 dollars.

What is PokerStars self -exclusion?

Before moving forward in telling the episode, it is good to clarify to those who do not know it, What is PokerStars self -exclusion in this case, but also in generalnull It is a request forwarded directly by the players to a person in charge, for example thewho In USA, or directly to bookmakers and casino. In practice, he asked to be blocked by the possibility of recharging the account and aiming. This kind of demand arises from the fact of being ludopathic, or dependent on gambling.

The facts

The episode, which also involves another player who fortunately did not play, He dates back to 2019, even if the first request for self -exclusion PokerStars arrived in 2018null In practice, the player in September 2018 had asked for exclusion for six months. Once this period is finished, then, the player asked for total exclusion PokerStars from the gamenull In July 2019, however, the player got in touch with the customer service and asked that he was a reactive account.

To this request the operators they should have answered no, given that a few months earlier he had requested the total PokerStars self -exclusion. However, the latter action had not been saved by the software and therefore the operators, believing that it was a simple mistake, they reactivated the accountnull The user then began to recharge the account and aim to place played played for almost half a million dollars.

PokerStars communicated that at the base of the unexpected there was a technical problem on the platformnull In practice, the player had requested self -exclusion on the day when a software update was underway and therefore the request was not saved.

The fine for PokerStars's self -exclusion

The site was then fined for a thousand dollars from Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) of New Jersey. To this figure, then, The request is added not to accept the approximately 16,000 dollars gain obtained from those playednull Obviously, for a company that attracts millions of dollars of games every year, However, these are very small figures, but the damage to the image remains.


This, in fact, is not the first time that we are talking about a fine for self -exclusion PokerStars, which for some months has been acquired by the giant flutter and that He is a leader in USA in the casino sector. In 2017, for example, he had to pay a fine of $ 25,000 for allowing players outside the state of New Jersey to play on his site, reserved for players exclusively of that American state. Another fine then in 2019, then, for allowing players to focus on prohibited sporting events. The fine was 10,000 dollars.

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