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The Netherlands also start towards the regularization of virtual casinos and therefore of the online gamenull The legislation, in fact, should be starting next January. However, the action of the Dutch game authority has already begun against illegal and beyond illegal betting sites. The state body, or the Gaming authority (KSA), In fact, he is also declaring war on the advertisements of these sites that promote the game in unauthorized casinos in Holland.

In the Netherlands, as it also happens in USA and soon (as it seems) also in England, advertising is currently illegal.

In the next paragraphs we will see together What were the actions put in place by the Dutch game authority in recent times and the next developments.

Holland against illegal online casino

First of all, it is necessary to start talking about the law required by the Dutch game authority to give way, after a long time, to a remote activity. This was possible with the remote Gambling Act, or the law that provided for the regularization of this sectornull Initially, however, the departure had been scheduled for April, only to be moved to October, and finally in January.

Precisely for this, therefore, The first requests for licenses from various operators are coming to be able to create their own legal platforms in Hollandnull The Dutch game authority against illegal betting sites is expected about 40 license requests, and it seems that 28 have already arrived at the moment. Among the online casino Legal in Holland there will also be Holland Casino together with the well -known professionalvider software Playtech, which will deal with all the management and games of the site.

In fact, Holland is a traditional state -state casino brand and there are fourteen throughout the country.

Dutch game authority against illegal betting sites: the struggle

Obviously, with the approach of the date on which the online game will be authorized, the Dutch game authority It is also starting to tighten the grip against the sites that legali who continue, however, to accept bets from the Dutch players.

One of the actions of the KSA, as mentioned before, was to analyze the sites in which illegal casinos insertions were present. L'Dutch game authority, he examined 44 sites in total based on some reports and various checks.

Among these, in 26 I presented announcements aimed at promoting the online gambling, which however was illegal. There Gambling advertising, in fact, is not possible until 1 Octobernull Precisely for this reason, twenty sites were immediately obliged to remove these ads, twenty -three were warned of the risk of being able to receive a penalty while the remaining three are still under investigation.

Last January, then, a dealer received a maxi fine from the Dutch game authority against illegal betting sites of around $ 600,000. Obviously the body imposed the sanction to the site that had offered products in Holland without the regular permit.

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