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The Dutch regulator KSA monitors 25 sites to make sure that Dutch players cannot access it.

This is the last step taken by the regulator Gaming authority (KSA) that, Not wanting to put the country's players at risk, decides to control various gambling sites without license.

From the body they said, now that The market has become regulated from 1 October, that All operators will sanction without a license who do not respect the blockage imposed on Dutch users.

But let's see this news more in detail in the following paragraphs.

Xa Monitor 25 City: and motifs

The body that regulates gambling in Holland, or KSA, monitors 25 gambling sites After KSA has changed its approach to the game without a license with the launch of the regulated online market.

Before opening the market The operators only had to avoid pointing specifically to players residing in the Netherlands, however, they must precisely activate a block at a territorial level in the country.

il main reason of the KSA which monitors 25 sites to make sure that the Dutch players cannot access it is therefore related to the professionaltection of the playernull Indeed, Gambling on non -license sites does not guarantee anything to the user, in the safety level that in terms of compliance with the regulations.

KSA then decided to check these 25 sites, turn them In case they do not respect the block, e direct players to the current ones 10 operators with license.

Penalties can be applied to Operators of the sites, a third parties such as payment service providers they advertisers who deal with promotion of these sites.

License operators

Right now in when, where KSA monitors 25 sites, there are only 10 operators with license.

In fact, before opening the regulated market, the body expected to receive at least 40 questions for the new licenseInstead he received it only 28.

Among the companies that now operate in a completely legal way in Holland we find:

  1. Timing
  2. Play North Lt.d.
  3. Holland Casino NV
  4. Dutch lottery
  5. Gain
  6. FPO Netherland
  7. Bright
  8. NSUS Malta
  10. Tombola and Malta

The statements on KSA Monitor 25 sites

KSA monitors 25 sites to make sure that Dutch players cannot access it, and have been on this Many statements are released.

Let's see those of KSA, what he said: “The reason for the new policy is that The modified law on gambling has made it possible to legally offer gambling via the internet from 1 October ".

And then added: At the legal suppliers, the participants in the gambling can play in a safe environment, in which there is a game reliable It is enough attention to the dependence on the game. "

"A goal of the law is that of 'channel players from illegal to legal suppliers, concluded.

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