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The KSA orders operators to carry out checks on self -excluding Dutch players, that is, on users who have requested self -exclusion from gambling.

This request, launched shortly after the start of the New system called cruks, was made because the Gaming authority (KSA) detected a system error.

In fact, the checks must be made on Players who have opened new igaming accounts between 2 and 20 October 2022, or in the first month in which the regulated market in the Netherlands was opened.

The system cruks

Controls on the self -exclusion of the Dutch players requested by KSA, as we mentioned above, must be made by the operators on users who have opened new game accounts between 2 and 20 October of this year.

The dates indicated, in fact, correspond to those of the launch of the new Cruks system, which took place Not without a few problems to the opening of the regulated market of the country.

This system, also present in other countries even if with another name, It serves users with gambling problems to exclude themselves independently, or to limit the values they can pay, from the portals in which they can bet or aim for money.

After subscribing to the Cruks, users they should no longer have the opportunity to open new game accounts, or access gambling, with operators authorized by the Netherlands Authority. Precisely for this reason, KSA orders operators to check on self -excluding players.

The reason for self -exclusion checks on Dutch players

The self -exclusion checks on Dutch players are ordered because KSA has detected a system error, possibly caused by inaccuracies during registration, such as theinclusion of incorrect personal data.

In the event that the problem is connected to this type of error, then operators must consult the Cruks. Doing so they can be sure that All information entered until 20 October is correct.

Not The problem is Resolvednull This is thanks to an update of the system that warns users in the event that incorrect data are entered.

How to remedy future problems to avoid other self -exclusion checks on Dutch players

To remedy future problems, and therefore Avoid other forced checks on the self -exclusion of the Dutch players, KSA has given mandate to 3 consultantsnull These will have to supervise the cruks.

So now Marcel Marijnissen, Bas Brons E Mieke Hoste they will check the Cruks. They will make sure that it allows consumers to be correctly self -locking themselves from the game. But also to legal operators to request the involuntary exclusion of a player. In doing so, hopefully, KSA no longer orders operators to carry out checks on self -excluding players.

Now the 10 operators who have received a license in the Netherlands are required to integrate with cruks, so they can see if any of their players are recorded with self -exclusion.

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