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Crown Melbourne deemed not suitable for license in the state of Victorianull But, due to the fears that the suspension can have on the local economy, it will not be revoked instantly.

This is precisely the latest novelty concerning Crown's misadventures. Company that recently also appointed a New legal consultant Per try to remedy the suspension caused by negligence of society.

But let's see immediately All the details of the decision taken on Crown Melbourne, explained by our Top-Us-Casino experts.

Crown Melbourne deemed not suitable for license: the decision

On 26 October 2022, After the results of the investigation of the Royal Commission relating to the casino license, Crown Melbourne is considered unsuitable for license in the state of Victoria.

The commission, after the investigation, said that Over time, Crown had a dishonest, ethical, exploitation and, overall, illegal conductnull Also, thanks to the discoveries made with the report Bergin, the group was considered unsuitable for the management of a casino also in the area of Sydney.

The other problems of the company, then, identified themselves in the risk management, governance and repeated violations of the lawsnull All things, among other things, made with the awareness of Crown's managers.

But they are not the only things in which Crown made big mistakes. Indeed He did not cooperate with the regulatory body, delayed investigation and provided false information during the investigation. Investigation that he also led to discover a series of systematic violations on the obligations relating to the responsible and also on a tax level, intentionally hidden from the bodies in charge of checks.

Risk revocation license for Crown, but not in the immediate

After Crown Melbourne is considered unsuitable for license in the state of Victoria, the Commission said that An immediate cancellation of the license would not be in the interest of the local community.

In fact, the fears of the Commission are that Immediate revocation leads to damages in the local economy, also influencing third -party revenues not involved in the incident.

And, since yes He also believes that Melbourne's Crown has both the ability and the will to change things, he was allowed to Continue to operate. This For two years under the continuous supervision of a special person in charge of the Commissionnull All this, obviously, provided that Crown proves to undertake the reforms necessary for obtaining the license.

With the Casino and Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, which implements the new priority recommendations of the Commission, has been established that The supervisor will have unprecedented powers. Can in fact veto the decisions of the Council and have unlimited access to all areas of the casino, to his books and registers, and the costs of it must be covered by Crown.

Stephen O'Bryan has been proposed as a supervisor QC, Victoria's first anti -corruption commissioner.

Crown Melbourne deemed not suitable for license in the state of Victoria: the declarations

the government declarations On Crown Melbourne deemed unsuitable for license were: We welcome the remaining recommendations And we recognize their width and complexity in relation to the minimization of the game damage, the structural reforms of the casino operator, and to theface the risks of money laundering“.

And he added: Our government is taking action right now to ask Crown account, and is engaged in a further reform next year to face the results of the Royal Commission ".

instead, Crown said: Crown will work cooperative and constructively with the government of Victoria in relation to the results and recommendations of the relationship and their response ".

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