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Complicated weeks for the Gambling Commission, often at the center of numerous criticisms both by the activity linked to betting and the world of casino. The CEO Gambling Commission, in fact, resigned at the beginning of March. We are talking about Neil McArthur, who had held that role since 2017. McArthur, in fact, had taken over as CEO of the Gambling Commission instead of the dimissionaria Sarah Harrison. After a few months of temporary management, then, in April the definitive appointment arrived.

The now former CEO, however, was part of the Gambling Commission from 2006, the year in which he started working for the entity.

During his career as CEO of the British body, McArthur has certainly achieved important results. For example, it was among the proponents of the introduction of a more accurate verification of the age of the players. In addition, he also carried out several initiatives to attract the attention of the GC but also of the political world on the experiences of the victims of the pathological game.

What is Gambling Commission?

For those who do not know, the Gambling Commission carries out the same tasks, or almost, of thewho in USA. This is the institution in charge of managing the control of bookmakers and online casinos and also to enforce the provisions of national legislation.

At the moment the place of Neil McArthur was taken temporarily by the Deputy CEO Sarah Gardner and the Operational Director Sally Jonesnull These will take on the role of CEO to Interim, waiting for the Regulatory Authority to take a definitive decision on who will be the new CEO Gambling Commission instead of McArthur.

The Gambling Act reform at the base of the resignation?

At the basis of these resignation there would be the path that the Gambling Commission is following on riforma del Gambling Actnull To confirm it is the same Neil McArthur who, in fact, said: "With a revision of the ongoing Gambling Act, it seems the right time to get away and allow a new CEO to guide the Commission in the next phase of his journey“.

From this point of view, Gambling Commission is preparing for an important commitment since the Gambling Act is being changed. The reform will certainly bring different and important changes regarding Gambling Actnull The latter is the document in which the guidelines that the sites must follow are specified.

Among the most important innovations there should be the introduction of some fairly stringent rules for the slot machine onlinenull Among these, for example, we find the elimination of the play car and the impossibility of speeding up the movement of the rollers. This, of course, arises from the fact that they want to avoid more and more people manage their money in the wrong way to the game And above all that young people approach this world without knowing a lot about possible risks.

The declarations

Neil McArthur, of course, kept us to underline the work done as CEO Gambling Commission. Here are his words: "I am proud of everything that the Gambling Commission has created during my 15 years with the organization."- adding then that-"We made significant steps forward to make gambling game more fair and safe and I know that I leave the organization in a strong position to face its future challenges ".

The Board of Directors also expressed regret for the choice of McArthur. These are the words of Bill Moyes, president of the Gambling Commission: “On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank Neil for his many years of commitment and service to the Commission for Gambling. Much was obtained during his stay here e Neil can rightly feel proud of the progress of the organization During his mandate as a managing director”.

In a statement then, there was also talk of the appointment of the new CEO Gambling Commission who will also have to face the Modifies legislative in progressnull From what has emerged there will be a need to wait a little time before you can know the definitive substitute. At the end of 2022, in fact, the mandate of President Bill Moyes will expire, and therefore new elections will proceednull Once the new president is defined, it will be decided to decide who the new CEO will be.

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