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Gambling Commission detects suspicious transactions increase, let's see what happened. The pandemic of Coronavirus He forced millions of people to have to stay at home to avoid the spread of contagion. Obviously this has allowed citizens to dedicate time to other hobbies, including the game in online casinos. One of the risks, however, is that not everyone uses these platforms to have fun. The game, in fact, could become a channel to recycle money obtained illegally and do it enter a country without paying the necessary taxes.

And in fact, the U.K. Gambling Commission detects Suspected transactions increasenull This is what emerges following the last bulletin issued by the British body. In fact, the Commission on Game of Gambling in England public of the information on possible emerging risks and sends it to game operatorsnull In doing so, the operators are always informed of what are the new potential threats to their work and also know how to recognize and defend themselves.

Gambling Commission detects suspicious transactions increase: what does it say?

Here's what is indicated in the last press release of the Gambling Commission: "During the pandemic, an increase in Suspicious Activity Report reports (i.e. suspicious money transactions) was recorded. It is essential that operators send an alert to the UK financial intelligence unit every time you are aware of o Cases of money recycling or terrorism financing are suspectednull Otherwise, the licensees could commit a crime”.

Under the magnifying glass of the English National Crime Agency there are also payments made through cryptocurrenciesnull In fact, these would have been reported to high risk, since it is difficult to follow the ride they do.

In addition, more attention was also paid to the transactions made with countries inserted in a sort of "blacklist". Among these, for example, we find Barbados, isle cayman, cambogia e Senegalnull In recent weeks, then, The British government has also included Pakistannull We can therefore say that Gambling Commission detects suspicious transactions increase and brings it back to operators for good reasons.

U.K. Gambling Commission: period of great turmoil

For some months, the Gambling Commission which in this article we see how suspicious transactions detect, is considerably busy. In England, in fact, a strong revision of the Gambling Act is being discussed. This is to make sure that players are as protected as possible from potential risks of ludopathy.

Among the new reforms that should be introduced, for example, There is the introduction of the episode limits for players who have a difficult situation from an economic point of viewnull Another rules could also predict changes for online slot machinesnull Obviously, we are still talking about it in depth also given that there are doubts from the operators of the game who do not consider this a valid solution.

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