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The United Kingdom, and in particular the UK Gambling Commission are ready for the introduction of a series of rules, so that the game becomes safer and less and less people can fall victims of the ludopathy. A few weeks ago we had told you about the possible rules provided for by the review of the Gambling Act And something is starting to move, in particular for slot machinesnull The rules, which we will talk to you in the next paragraphs, must be introduced by 31 October And they represent a real novelty in this sector and could also be taken for example in other European countries.

Farewell to the car spin

The Gambling Commission, following a series of searches to carry out for the case, has established for example that all the holders of concessions they must eliminate from theirs slot machine The automatic spin functionnull In practice, with this function, widespread also in all games available in USA, the player can establish a number of free laps to make the slot automatically. At that point, therefore, the player can also do other things and, above all, Users risk losing track of the game without even realizing how much they are actually spendingnull In the worst case, then, they could also use it to bet on several games simultaneously, thus multiplying the possibility of losses. Maybe on a tall of the screen activates the automatic spin of a slot and on the other point to blackjack.

Farewell to the turbo and no music for non -real winnings

Another function that will soon abandon the English slots, It is that of the very fast spinnull This, in fact, was activated by the player to increase the number of games. Obviously the greater the highest number of games is the potentially lost sum of moneynull The features that can give the illusion of control of the result will also be banned.

The music of joy is also banned and then connected to a win, when in reality the winning combination offers a prize lower than that of the total episode. That is, no party song if there has been a loss and not a win.

The other rules

Among the other provisions of There is also the absolute prohibition of reverse withdrawals, or a mode that allows players to bet money again that they had previously requested to withdraw from their own accountnull Also expected to show both the time of the game session and the total losses, in addition to the winnings.

Official declarations

This is another important step to make gambling more safe and where evidence shows that there are other opportunities to do it, we are determined to take them“, These are the words of Neil McArthur head of the English Commission on the game.

Even the Minister of Sport and Heritage Nigel Huddleston He welcomed this series of initiatives and rules: "Today's steps will help to curb the intensity of online gambling, introducing greater protections that will reduce the risk of gambling damage related to gamblingnull I welcome the rigorous measures of the Commission on Game of Gambling while we continue our complete revision of the legal legal laws to make sure they are suitable for the digital era“.

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